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somehow I am at a loss for words for the first post of the new ole blog.  So much pressure!  It feels a little awkward…like first date awkward…where your mind is racing and overanalyzing every single word you utter all while glancing at the menu thinking what in the heck I am going to order that isn’t going to

a. reek havoc on my breath

b. upset my stomach or

c. get stuck in my teeth

Oh, wait…you guys never experienced that?  Am I alone here?  Was I the only one who had a first date where the guy ordered onion rings!?!  Did that traumatic experience make me paranoid anytime I had a first date after that?  Oh, thank God, no more first dates for me.  Now if I have something stuck in my teeth it is usually pointed out to me by my precious almost 4-year-old.  Mr. Blue eyes, himself.

He will also ask you in the sweetest voice, “what’s that on your chin, momma?” when that annoying blemish rears its ugly head & everyone else has told you that they “totally cannot see anything on your chin”.   Liars is all I have to say!!!  You know who I am talking about.  Yep, you are so busted.  Ok, moving right along, I titled this post short and sweet here and I am already up to 150 words.  No, I didn’t count, Mom…there is a handy-dandy word counter on here that does it for me…so seriously…back to keeping it short and sweet.

I am excited to finally have a place to store all my projects, before & after updates and my totally random thoughts.  I tend to have about a gazillion projects going on at once so it never fails that I write something down on a piece of paper only to throw it out when it’s “dump day” for the good ole purse.  For those of you who don’t know what dump day is…men, you have an excuse and well, if you are a girl who throws everything in her purse, you HAVE to know what dump day is.   If for some reason you are a female and have never had a dump day with your purse, then gooooood job.  Way to go and be making all of us paper hoarders look bad.  Seriously, I am totally jealous of your organizational skills. And that, my friends, is why I am writing this blog…to help organize my thoughts, projects, life and all my “to do” items that I am constantly adding to my plate while my sweet patient husband just shakes his head at me.  Hopefully, the plan in my head ends up working out!  I cannot say I have a great track record, but here’s to hoping!  At least I have my jumping cheerleaders rooting me on…don’t mind the mess in the background.  

And why yes, Oliver is wearing the CUTEST pajamas EVER!  Here is a better picture of my favorite pjs on my favorite 1 & 1/2-year-old.  I want to go back and buy 1 of every size so he can wear them forever…not sure how much he would love that, but it would make this momma smile

Oh, and of course, my sweet family…I want a place for all my relatives & long distant friends who I don’t call nearly often enough to come and see what the heck we are up to (yah yah, I need to get on facebook)…so I hope you check back often and say hi!  There is a lot more to come…I promise a lot more pictures of these two hawnyawks as well.


7 thoughts on “short and sweet

  1. So excited you started this! You will love it. The boys are adorable and I can’t wait to see more pics. When we left today, Evan was so excited to come back and play with the rockets! ha! Also, I have definitely had a dump day! 🙂 Welcome!!!

  2. Love the name of your blog. This is so fun to read, and can’t wait for the crazy Dale things to be recorded. You are going to do that, right?

  3. Hi Jesse,
    I wanted to log in about reactions to day bed.

    Do you know about Kramer’s best Antique Improver? Made in MO and totally restores
    dry wood furniture. Try getting some.
    He has different products. 1. Antique IMprover. 2. Kramers Best Blemish Clarifier.
    3. Kramers Best Wood Food Oyl (for use with woods exposed to foods)

    He has a web site now.

    I’ve been using these products for years.

    Day bed suggestion….totally revitalize wood (I agree with Hoot), but then come along with some kind of “glaze” like black to make the architecture really show up where all the lines are.
    AND totally change up the fabric and make some slammin knock out pillows for the “POW”.

    I’m sure whatever you do will look great!!

    I loved your site!!

    And love that we have the connection of wanting to rescue and restore old wood things.

    This is something that I have done in a small way for years….mostly bowls, serving platters…out of wood.

    ONE of my rescue pieces is the little wooden bowl with uneven edges that I last saw in your pantry.
    This was one of 6 bowls that we grew up using….filled with iceburg lettuce with a square of
    frozen fruit cocktail. My favorites were the frozen cherries.

    Sometimes thinly sliced apples were eaten out of those bowls for an afternoon snack.

    After Yai died and we were cleaning out the house, I found the 6 bowls in a garage closet..totally BLACK from car exhaust ….just steps away from being thrown away.

    I took them all home and hit it HARD with the wood food oil.

    I know you cherish it and are pleased to have a piece of history of Ann and me growing up.

    Aunt Marty

    • Thanks Aunt Marty! Those are GREAT suggestions! I will have to check it out and I had never thought about just doing a lil glaze in some of the nooks and crannies! Thank you! I never knew that about the wooden bowls, but it is an item I absolutely love and now will really treasure and make sure to keep out of Oliver’s hands (until he gets older)…he is my little destroyer 😉 Have you ever made cutting boards? I was wanting to tackle that next…it’s been on my “to do” list for quite some time!

  4. Hey Jess, Congrats on starting your own blog. I will be coming your way not just for medical advice now, but home decor as well. Your kitchen and new dining room area looks great!! Sincerely, you did a nice job there. One suggestion I would have is to maybe replace the name “Dale” from your oops I made mistake terminology. One of you in-laws may have “Dale” as part of their birth name…!

    • Oh Zachary Dale you crack me up! #1 I totally knew that was your middle name & I love it! #2 Dale is such a cute name and it is used affectionately to represent our oops moments! Do you have any oops moments you would like to share…hmmmm? Don’t worry, though, you are not alone…whenever I am hungry I will say to Sam in a very funny voice, “I want pizza, Steve”…I will give you $20 if you can tell me what movie that is from, Mr. Movie Man and no googling. Play fair. So, you and your Dad names are frequently used around here! When are you guys going to come in next for a lil visit! We would love to have ya!

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