Need Fall Family Photos? Ch Ch Check it out, photo sessions AND coordinating outfits!

Fall is my favorite time of year, hands down.  There is not a single thing that I hate during this time of year.  It’s beautiful…how could you be in a bad mood when its clear skies, sunny with that perfect crisp cool breeze and all around you the trees are exploding in color!?!  Well, let me retract that…I am sure there are a handful of things that could put one in a terrible mood, but how could the weather not make your day just a little bit better???

I do hate that it goes by way too fast.  So, count that as the one thing that I hate about fall…it doesn’t last nearly long enough for me.  What is it about fall that keeps us so busy? Our weekends always seem to be jam-packed.   And one of the things that I had always wanted ever since we had Henry was to get family pictures taken outside during this time of year.  It wasn’t until last year, when Henry was almost 3 and Oliver was 6 months that I finally was able to scratch that off my “to do” list!  All because of this awesome lady!  If you don’t know Lana Eklund with Art & Soul Photography, then you best be getting online and checking out her website, blog, & portfolio because you are missing out!   Not only is she an unbelievable photographer who we LOVE,  but she is so stinkin sweet and easy to work with.  In every session that we have had with her (she has shot the boys on several occasions) she always manages to capture those special “in between” moments…those little moments that you cherish and want to remember forever.   Plus, she is so laid back…she never seems to sweat the small stuff.  I love how she steps back and is able to catch shots of your family just being a family.  However, she is not afraid to give you some instruction, too, if you need it.  She makes your entire family feel at ease.  Because for me, family portraits, well, are slightly high stress.  Oh, the pressure!  Trying to coordinate outfits, get the boys ready (which totally includes the mister…ladies come on, tell me that you know what I’m talking about), and somehow throw myself together even though after doing all that I’m sweating buckets and having to change my shirt because for some reason when I get anxious, I totally pit out.  Nice, huh.  You probably could have gone without knowing that little detail about me, but I’m keeping it real people.  KEEPING.IT.REAL.  Yep, could work out for hours without so much as a drop of sweat, but photo session me up and the sweat machine turns on full blast.  And from there it just continues to go downhill…corralling my little hawnyawks into the car, only to then pick a fight with the husband who is thinking “when can I get back to the game?” and then getting out of the car saying something along the lines, “ok…smile everyone…we are all really happy”. Are you picking up my sarcasm here…

So, the point of this little story is not only to give you some inside into our twisted little life or my overactive sweat glands, but to tell you that we did not experience any of the above with Lana’s portraits in the park.  You can see my cute lil family below…

Fall Family Special

via Art & Soul Photography Inc.

They are quick little 30 minute sessions in the park (she actually is shooting in 4 locations this year!) and are so reasonably priced.  Last year, we got ready, drove to the park and literally played!  We ran through the leaves and even walked around Stephen’s Lake looking for the geese. It was so much fun.  The boys loved it, which of course, made us parents want to do back flips.  After Lana was done shooting, we ended up staying another hour and just playing.  It was just like any other normal day.  So, if you have been waiting to cross “fall family portraits” off your “to do” list, now is your time to get a movin!  And it is too reasonable to pass up…with the holidays around the corner (yes, I said it) the last thing you want to do is shell out a bunch of money to is an expensive portrait session.  This is $50!  And how cute are your holiday cards going to be this year!  Yes, sireeee, Lana does that, too!   So take your 50 bones & make em last…every time I see our pictures from that gorgeous fall day, they make me smile.  They will be something I will always treasure.

And to all the moms out there…you need to have pictures of YOU and the kids!  I know so many of us moms are also in charge of the camera action which means oodles and oodles of pics of everyone under the sun and your children!  But us moms are MIA!  So, I look forward to these sessions now because it is a time that I can get out from behind the camera and be with my family.

Oh, and if you need help coordinating your outfits, check out this for some inspiration.  I love how she was able to coordinate her family’s wardrobes without being too matchy matchy.  I also love these design boards, both from here


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