The big reveal!!! And did my kitchen really look that orange???

So, I am so excited to post this because I love me some good before and after shots. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a make over on a person or a room, a new haircut, a piece of furniture getting freshened up with some paint…there is just something about seeing an good ole upgrade, right!?!

And it is funny to think that this all started with me wanting to add some white board and batten to the back of our kitchen bar. Let’s just say that is a story for another day…and boy is it a doozie. Can a picture speak volumes or what?

The dialogue that preceded this picture went kind of like this…

Me: “this will be a super easy weekend project…and just think how much nicer it will look. I bet we can finish it today!!! We need to start by ripping those corbels out”
Sam: (scratching his head) “I don’t think it will be that easy”
Me: “oh honey, it will be super easy to rip those corbels out.”
Sam: “no…I don’t think so…I think they are really glued into place”

Now picture Sam taking his pry bar and putting all his body weight into it. Next thing we know, there is a huge cracking noise, pieces of the corbel go flying in all directions and the drywall has several nice size holes in it.  Your wondering what my reply was?

Me: “Oops…my bad.”

So, three months later we Sam and his wonderful cousin, Justin, from St. Louis (THANK YOU JUSTIN!!!) got the board and batten up.  Not only did they get the board and batten up, but Sam had an idea to make the corbels out of some old fence posts that we had lying around.  He’s a shmart one, ladies and gentlemen.  With Justin’s knowledge and Sam’s vision, these babies were created.  Aren’t they great?

Sam was looking at me for approval on the wall and I kept looking back and forth from the finished wall to our kitchen cabinets and something was just “off”.  The board and batten was amazing. It was fresher, brighter & cleaner while our cabinets just weren’t.  I know Sam cringed when he heard the words that came out of my mouth that day. Here he was exhausted from a weekend of building and installing this board & batten and he knew by the look on my face that something was coming…he just had no idea.  Then I said it.  I just blurted it out right there…

“I think our cabinets need to be white.”

Now, I’m not mean…I went on and on about how amazingly handy I thought he was and how fabulous the board and batten treatment looked…But, the problem was exactly that. It looked too good and made our cabinets look incredibly outdated. Just take a look.

Why didn’t anyone tell us that we were living inside of a pumpkin???  I think I just stole that line from my awesome neighbor, Beth.  It’s literally hard to make out the different items in the kitchen…everything is just covered in an orangey brown glow.

But, back to how amazingly handy my sweet hubby is…did you know that one of the VERY FIRST things I told my FATHER about my hubby when we first started dating was that Sam was very good with his hands!?!?!?  Ahhhh!  Looking back my whole family still gets a kick out of it.  You see, I was so excited to tell my dad about this new wonderful man in my life.  I knew my dad would love him because he was a handy guy; he could build & fix things including appliances, do tile work, and he had even roofed houses.  I knew that he and my dad had that inherent ability to know how things worked in common.  And Sam’s collection of power tools was much like my fathers.  Now I can say that I definitely did not choose the best wording to describe Sam’s attributes in that moment with my dad.  Can anyone say “Dale” moment?  (Again…check this out if you don’t know what a Dale moment is)

So, Sam went along with me about the cabinets, but insisted that we get a professional to do it.  What a deal.  Did I get lucky or what?

So, the cabinets got painted by this fabulous guy.  We chose to paint the walls in Collingwood by Benjamin Moore.  Backsplash was chosen from this stunning store & installed by my handy husband & his friend, the pro, Jeff White.

To save money, we ended up spray painting the faceplates instead of replacing them with white ones!  Cost- $5!  We saved about $100!  And they have held up fabulously!

I refinished the cupboard and our table that was passed down to us from my parents (thanks mom & dad!  & thanks for allowing us to change it up to represent us and our style!)  Here is a before of the table & an after

rustic table

I will post a more detailed tutorial of how I achieved this weathered look. Here is a close up.

Of course, Cooper, aka Mr. Attention saw that I had my camera out and wanted to make sure he was involved in some way.

I painted the chairs in Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in graphite and waxed them with AS clear wax.  And somewhere in the midst of all of this we got this rug.  I love the texture it adds to the room, not to mention it is so much softer than what you think a braided jute rug should be which is important when you have a lil one crawling around everywhere!!!

Then, came the lights. Enter this unbelievable lady.  Holly is so incredible, you guys!  She has been so helpful & guided us toward these lights with this post of hers.  She also suggested this light for above the table.  It is perfection in my book.  If you need any kind of help in sprucing up a room or area in your home, she is your go to gal. Did you know she was just awarded Country Living’s Blue Ribbon Blogger Award in the area of decorating??? As in THE Country Living!!!  She totally deserves it.  Whether you are needing her to completely redo a room or just be there to help reassure you that you are headed in the right direction with your decisions.  She can do it all.  Holly takes the overwhelmed feeling out of decorating & makes it fun.  Don’t worry that it’s long distance…she is SO FAST to respond to emails and I promise you, you will not feel alone.  If you would like Holly’s help, you can find more information here or contact her here.  I highly recommend it!  Oh and she plans the CUTEST birthday parties for her sweet boys. If you have a boy, you HAVE to check the army party she just put together for her oldest! So stinkin creative!  I love it!

As you can see I have a tendency to get side tracked.  I blame it on being a mom and having to multi-task everything.  I just can’t turn it off.  Soooooo, onto the drapes.  I knew I wanted to do 5 panels of drapes in between the windows in our eating area.   Sam and I didn’t want them to block any light from coming in, but more or less wanted to give the appearance of one big window.  Holly helped me pick out several fabrics & in the end thought this would look best & I completely agreed.  So I ordered 12 yards and sewed my little heart out.  I will post a more thorough tutorial on how I did that along with our makeshift drapery rod that cost us less than $30!  Cha cha cha cha ching, baby!

While this is a much needed improvement, we still have some work to do…I’ve got to crease, fold and hem the drapes.  We would also like some different backless barstools.  I have had my eye on these for awhile.  The search is on for some fantastic wall art above the cupboard and some other little finishing touches, but it’s close and oh so much better!  And now if you have read all this…here is your reward!

the after

To again, remind you of the before

the orange monster

And because I couldn’t help it

the after

So, tell me what do you think???


41 thoughts on “The big reveal!!! And did my kitchen really look that orange???

  1. Double WOW! What an amazing transformation. I absolutely love what you did to the table and chairs, and i’m a huge fan of white anything, the kitchen and dining space looks 10x bigger. great job!

    • Thanks Brittany!!! I have to tell you that I’m in love with your free couch!?! I cannot wait to see what you do with it! And I literally laughed out loud when you said that your BF carried a 6ft couch home for you all by himself!?! Maybe your finished piece will motivate me to figure out what to do with our daybed/couch!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I just added your blog to my reader! It is wonderful!!! I’m loving Christy’s laundry room, Amy’s kitchen (it’s set up looks kind of similar to mine), and Terry, can you come throw a party for me? Absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Impressive! I started following your transformation on Holly’s blog when she talked about your light fixtures. Your end result is amazing. It sounds like Holly was a great help but it sounds like you’re pretty darn crafty and creative yourself (:

    • Thank you, Danielle! I just checked out your blog and I have to say it’s great to meet another mommy of two adorable boys! I saw sooo many recipes on your blog that I want to try!!! Yum! The pumpkin s’mores, chicken taquitos, and the ooey gooey berry butter cake! And now I am hungry… 😉

  3. Found your blog from Holly’s also and your kitchen reveal is fabulous! You did a great job! I also love your Annie Sloan creations….wonderful!
    I am dying to know how you redid that kitchen tabletop and got the weathered look. I have a piece of wood that I want to achieve the same look but don’t know where to begin?! Would you mind shooting me an email with a quick note on the product you used?? I would be forever grateful!!

    P.S. Also a mommy to twins….boy and girl that are 2 1/2! So much fun being a twin mama!

    • Of course, Kristen! I am actually working on the table tutorial post right now (hoping for it to be up by tomorrow), but I can tell you that you probably already have the items on hand! Pretty fabulous, right? And I promise it is so easy, you can get it done in no time even while chasing after two kiddos! I’m sure they keep you busy and give you a lot of laughs and love!

      • Oh, yeah! I am super excited to see the post then! I will check back tomorrow and see if you’ve posted it.

        THANKS SO MUCH!!

  4. Amazing what you did to the kitchen! You are so creative – and I’ll be watching for your next post! If I could actually make myself take a before picture of the big ugly Beast that I purchased at the market place to give it an “Extreme” makeover I would be tickled pink—I’ll have to get my 14 year old to help with that one. She is my go to girl when it comes to photos :). I’ll check my ascp tonight and let you know how much abusson blue I have left in the can – Hope I have enough for your next transformation.

    • Thanks Michele! Yes, you need to start taking before and after pics of all your makeovers!!! You could start a little portfolio. If you get a picture of it, you have to send it to me…I cannot wait to see. I’m even more excited to see what you do to it!

  5. Holy Smokes, what a difference your room is! You and Sam are amazing. Such a dramatic change in the whole look of these rooms. Love the curtain that makes your window look HUGE. Mostly, though, you two are a great pair. Do you hire out????

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  7. Wow and wow! You guys did an awesome job. My husband and I are also DIYers so I love reading about other couple’s little “adventures”. We just redid our kitchen and only have our lighting left to replace. I’m so inspired by YOUR lighting….we are heading to Lowes!!!! I’m bookmarking your blog–you are so a design inspiration. 🙂

    • Karen, thank you!!! I have to say I was really amazed at the selection at Lowes. I hope you are able to find what you guys are looking for! Good luck to finishing up your project, too…so much fun! And I really appreciate you taking the time to comment! It has been so much fun to get to “meet” so many new people through the blog! Hopefully, I will hear from you again! I would love to see your makeover, too!

  8. Oh. my. gosh. I’m IN LOVE with your kitchen! It’s gorgeous. and those lights are to die for. I just painted my builder grade cabinets last year and haven’t looked back since! It was a pain, but totally worth the effort. Great job!

    • What color did you paint them? Did you go with white? So many people told me the white would get dirty & show everything, but we have not had any problems so far & we love how much they brighten up our space. I am so glad we did it!

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  11. Hi Jesse, I ran into Murph at the store tonight and he told me about your blog….love it and love this post! I think we must have had the same builder…I’ve got the same kitchen cabinets in the same color, and the walls are also a gold-ish-tan. Oh. my. goodness. Now I KNOW I need to paint them. Your kitchen is beautiful! Maybe I can convince my husband by showing him your pictures. I’ve been considering the Rustoleum cabinet transformations. Have you heard anything good/bad about it? Just curious if maybe you had maybe thought about it and ruled it out. Would love any insight. Looking forward to more of your blog!

    • Hi Debbie! I’m so glad that Murph gave you my info! I have not tried the Rustoleum cabinet products, but I have read great reviews about them here. I love the winter fog color…gorgeous. You may want to check it out. We are loving our bright white kitchen and it definitely opened up the space. Murph said you were asking about chalk paint…I kind of think it’s great, so if you have any questions about it, please let me know! So glad that you “stopped” by!!!

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  14. Hi! Saw your kitchen on The Rooster and Hen blog and love your cabinets. Are the oak or maple? I am in the process of getting info on having my light maple cabinets painted but I am discouraged that two contractors have told be it is expensive to pay for the stripping, sanding and painting. It can often be labor intensive! Would appreciate your input.

    • Sandra, ours are maple & ask around because we were told the same thing by someone else. The guys we hired were wonderful…they are painters & they came in 1 day, took the doors & drawer fronts off & taped off the kitchen area with plastic. The next day they came & primed the cabinets (no stripping involved), & the last day they came & sprayed on the final coat…the fronts took a bit longer to cure because they sprayed them in their warehouse which had a bit more moisture than our house. We stayed in a hotel one night due to the smell, but it really wasn’t too bad!
      Keep asking around at different painting companies…go to a local paint store & ask for crews…we found that if we could wait a couple months for their “slower time” it would save us some $ too!
      I know they did apply a deglosser & scrubbed the door fronts/drawers to help the paint adhere better, too. They have held up great, too! They left us the “laquer” they used to touch up any spots with a q-tip, and so far we haven’t even had to break it out!
      We were able to get the cabinets done & stay in a fun hotel one night for less than $900. Could I have done it myself for a lot cheaper? Absolutely. But I know it would have taken me 4 times as long, probably been the cause of some headaches & I’m sure a few arguments between me & the hubby so I totally hit the easy button on this one. & it was worth every penny!!!
      In my opinion, you have to pick your DIY battles & not only weigh in money, but your time & sanity as well! 😉
      I hope this helps! I ran into that same painter a few days ago & he said that he has done probably done a good 15 kitchens since mine & every single one of his clients said they wished they had done it sooner! Everyone that sees ours think that they came that way & always get up close to inspect them when we explain that they are painted! Good luck! I hope you can find a crew that is reasonable so you don’t have to take on such a big job!!!

  15. Thai you so much. I will continue to look into getting mine painted. Granite countertops and hardwood floors are the priority but I now know that this is a possibility with fabulous results. I appreciate your quick response. THANKS,

  16. I just found you through The Rooster and The Hen’s old RRR post. We did something similar with our kitchen in November. Thanks for sharing and I love the b/w combo in the table and chairs!

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