S’mores and candy…eye candy that is

Happy Halloween everybody!  I made these for a lil pumpkin carving party at my sister’s house and they were an absolute hit, if I do say so myself.   So much so that I have decided to make them in a miniature size for my boys preschool parties.  I thought I would share because they are not necessarily a “Halloween” treat and can be made any time of year.  I stuck these on skewers and stuck them in an heirloom pumpkin.  Very fallish, aye?

Apparently, Sam’s big ole muscles pushed the skewers in too far and no one could muster up enough strength to pull the suckers out…so they just popped them off…hence all the headless skewers.

Obviously, these were like the easiest things in the world to make.  Melt some chocolate, crush some graham crackers, dip your marshmallow in both and you can call it a day.   Did I just hit the easy button or what?  And just think about the spin you could put on these.  Easy peasy, my friends.  I thought the kids would love them, but it was actually the adults who got down on these bad boys!

The party was so much fun.  The boys had a blast which therefore equals two happy parents.  Great food, great people…Sarah & David, you know how to throw a great get together!  Thank you!!!  And now for all that eye candy I promised you

Didn’t my sister do a wonderful job decorating!?!  She is pretty amazing…she made all these little ghosts out of old white t-shirts and hung them everywhere, too  The kids loved them!

And I will tell you what else the kiddos loved…decorating their pumpkin cookies

and eating them, of course…

my sweet nephew, Winn

and my cutest niece, Beatrix or Miss B as I like to call her

my Henry

and Winn realized there was a much easier way to get all the icing in his mouth

look at all those sprinkles, man.

there's Oliver

They pretty much had the best time.

That would be my brother in the background…here’s a better shot of him

Isn’t he a cutie?  And he is a fabulous chef…I made him promise that he would give me some inside tips and some great easy recipes to share on this here blog.  Isn’t he nice?  I promise you will not be disappointed!

The static electricity from the slide made Oliver’s hair all crazy.  I thought he looked like Harry from Dumb & Dumber.

this picture made me laugh with Winn going through Sam’s legs.

It was quite the party!  Hope you guys have a wonderful Halloween!!!


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