Pinterest Challenge!

If you have no idea what Pinterest is, then consider today your lucky day and me as your four leaf clover or your rabbit’s foot…whichever you prefer, I’m ok with both.  You will be especially thrilled if you are like me…if you are one who spies stuff you like online, little things that you want to remember and says, “I don’t need to write that down” because you actually think that your brain, which is jam packed with all sorts of other things, will recall the exact name of the crazy website where you happened upon your little inspirational picture in the exact moment when you need it.   Whew!!!   C’mon…my memory is good, but not that good.   So, if you are like that, you are going to be one happy camper.  Pinterest is going to knock your socks off!  It is a place where you can “pin” all your “I love those shoes” or “I want to make that” or “that would make a cute gift” or “I want my bedroom to look just like that”.  Are you following me?  It is simply amazing.  You can create boards and “pin” or clip the images from the website to your account and the best part is, when you click the picture on your board, it will take you back to the original website!  How’d you like them apples???  So, what are you waiting for, go sign up for an account already…then once you have pinned like 10 images of the same thing,  you can jump in and create what you’ve been oogling by joining these two lovely ladies, Katie & Sherry in their Pinterest challenge!

So, I noticed that I was pinning a lot of this

Pinned Image

via Anthropologie


Pinned Image

via I.O. Metro

and this

Pinned Image

via I.O. Metro

I saw that it was time for another Pinterest challenge and thought I should stop pinning what I want and go out and get ‘er done, like Sherry said in her sign.  I needed to build a chest fast so I called on my handy man Sam (aka my hubby).  Just so you know, Sam has a plethera of nicknames and I frequently use them according to whatever situation we are in…Weather Man Sam, Mole Man Sam, Sam Sam the Fireman, Duck Man Sam, Laundry Man Sam, Fisherman Sam…you can pretty much insert anything in there and it works.  Thank goodness I didn’t marry a Jared…doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Of course, he was too busy building his duck blind (and yes he is using my Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint in the picture) to help me build my chest.  He can make a flashy duck blind, ladies and gentlemen.

Anyways, I was walking through the used furniture store one day and stumbled upon this lil guy.

No, really, I literally tripped on him…it was like he was saying, “hey lady…will ya stop looking for that dresser and take a look at me?  I’m exactly what you are needing!  Geez.”

It took me a moment to realize that he was my chest.  The chest that I had wanted to build, well, that I had wanted Sam to build.  $8 later and he was all mine.  Yep, $8…wheels and all, oh wait, you can’t see his wheels in the picture.  Well, he’s got em…he’s got some nice wheels.  (never thought I would say that in a sentence and actually mean it)  He is quite the catch.  And do you know what I found in the bottom of him?  Someone had lined him in an old newspaper from Novermber 25, 1962!  Crazy, huh?

So, I got home and proudly showed him off to Sam and explained that this lil guy helped him get out of building a chest.  It was my, well, really Sam’s lucky day.  I ran up to Lowes the next day and grabbed lumber and sanded them down with the mouse.  Of course, I had my goggles and mask ready, too.  Oh and you can see his wheels in this next pic…nice, huh?

Then, I stained each piece with some early american wood stain that I had on hand.  I totally forgot to stain the actual chest…oopsey daisy…oh well.  Didn’t really matter.  Next, I took my assortment of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and just started going for it.  No real rhyme or reason.  I just thought I would kind of wing it.

I was using graphite, duck egg blue, country grey, château gray and aubusson blue.

I started getting really nervous here…really nervous…like thinking…what in the heck am I doing to this piece.  Then I reminded myself that he was only $8 and if it turned out terrible I could just paint another layer over him.

I kind of thought of it as applying eye shadow.  Go dark at first and then you can go back and blend to create that seamless look.  So, I broke out the mouse and here is a picture before sanding

and after

Much better, huh?  Another side, before sanding

and after…

I finished all four sides and then I got concerned…it looked a little “beach housey” to me…and let me tell you, we here in Missouri couldn’t be further from any beach.  Sorry to dumb you down there…note to self…everyone that is reading this probably knows where Missouri is in relation to the ocean.  So, I put on my little thinking cap and decided to whip out my Annie Sloan’s Dark Wax.  Just like I explained here, I used the clear first and followed it with the dark wax.

Ahhh, much better!  And then I took a little hammer and knocked it into my lil guy in a few different places to add a little more to his character (as if he didn’t have enough, right?)  I love how the dark wax settles in to the crevices and really accentuates them.

So, now that he is finished, I moved onto my stained boards.  I painted each board with a different paint color and just kind of haphazardly brushed it on.  I didn’t want it to look perfect.  I topped each with some AS clear wax.

Once everything was dry, it was time to measure up the boards, cut them up and lay them out on Chester, that’s his new name.  Real original, huh.  But, that won’t work because I always think of something bad that rhymes with Chester (so sorry if you are named Chester.  I don’t mean anything mean by it…just something my brain jumps to) so…let’s call him Cheshire…yes that’s better.

And here is where Sam Sam the Handy Man comes into play.

Doesn’t he look happy to help?  And don’t mind all the crap in the background.  We have two boys, what can I say???  And if you think that’s bad…you should see the rest of the garage!?! So Sam and I measured the boards to figure out where the cuts needed to be made.

Sam made the cuts and then used the GRIPPER!?! to hold everything together while he drilled in the screws.  And you are probably wondering why GRIPPER!?!  is all big like you are shouting it, well that’s because if you are me, you think it is pretty hilarious to yell it every time you have to say it.  Now you are totally going to do it, too.  Just watch…next time you need it, you will think of me.  😉

Oh, and I painted Cheshire’s insides country grey…very pretty.  And just so you know, we didn’t mind the gaps here and there and that the ends of the board were left showing.   I thought it looked more rustic anyway, which is the look I was going for.

I gave his gold handle a little spray with the oil rubbed bronze spray paint and he was all ready to go.  I had wanted to get a new handle for him, maybe something with a latch, but I was short on time and he was really attached to to his old handle so I settled.

And I love that he doesn’t mind the close ups.

or the occasional shot of his back side

I think he is going to be very happy here.  He will provide us with plenty of extra storage for blankets and all the kiddos toys.  And I imagine that his top will be the perfect place to do a puzzle with the boys or to set my book and cup of coffee.  Yes, considering he cost me a total of $25, I think he’s here to stay!

A before of cheshire

And an after!


36 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge!

  1. Love what you did with this, what an unbelievable transformation. The painting and distressing are perfection. Not loving the handle though. I did some thinking and maybe a bit of thick jute rope, also distressed and worn-looking might work better? Just drill holes and knot the rope to keep it in place…….just thinking……

    • Thanks Suzy! Yes, I was a little short on time and originally I had wanted to do some rope handles on each of the sides and a latch of some sort on the top. Great idea and thank you for the suggestion!!!

    • Thank you, Marci! I absolutely love the brick wall you did, too! It’s fabulous! I also live in a newer home so adding those architectural details is something I like to do, too! So glad to have found your blog!

  2. Wow – I can hardly believe it’s the same piece! Love the colors you used. I’ve been dying to try that chalk paint out, but just haven’t gotten up the nerve to order any yet. Anyhow, this looks so great!

    • Jenna, thank you so much! The chalk paint is so easy to use & can be used on pretty much anything. It really is a no fail type of project! & speaking of painting, yours is so pretty! I love the fact that the kids helped…it makes it so much more meaningful. It looks gorgeous above your buffet!

    • Thanks Judi! & let me tell you Sam appreciates the shout out, too! 😉 By the way, I love the doormat! It turned out great! & your dogs expression is priceless!

      • Thanks Dana! My in laws live in the St. Louis area so we are frequently there! Its always fun to visit…there is so much to do with the kiddos! Thanks for stopping by & commenting! I really appreciate it!

  3. Amazing! The story is great too – I like your writing style. I cannot wait to see the projects you can do with all that money you saved. 😉 Jillian

    • Thanks Jillian! I’m so glad you like it! I’m sure my all my English teachers & professors would be horrified at all my grammatical errors! 😉 So its good to know that you enjoy reading it! Thank you!

  4. This is fantastic! My Mr. has been eyeing some of the same furniture – and oddly enough we have an old chest we don’t know what to do with – now we have inspiration! Thanks for sharing the process!

    • Oh I’m so glad! I love it when that happens! You will have to let me know how yours turns out! Good luck and thanks for stopping by and sharing! I’m so happy you did!

  5. I never comment on things, but this is so awesome that I just have to gush over it! You did such as awesome job with it, I’m jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Joselyn! Isn’t ASCP the best!?! I love the header on your blog! So cute! Did you create that yourself or did you have someone help you? I’m a total newbie when it comes to this stuff, but my blog could use a little facelift and I am not sure who to contact? Do you have any recommendations?

    • Thanks, Shelly! I just visited your blog and I LOVE all your pieces! Wow! What an inspiration you are to go after your dreams and make them happen! Your pieces are beautiful! I just started this blog and would love ANY advice! I am still learning my way around all the technology and in the process of trying to spiff up my blog…it’s a work in progress, right?

    • Revi, thank you so much and I promise you Sam appreciates it, too 😉 That made me laugh…that is so my humor. I absolutely loved your post for today…you are a wonderful writer and you said exactly what I think almost on a daily basis and you said it so beautifully! Thank you for that.

    • Thank you! I kind of feel the same way that he was meant for me 😉 I checked out your blog and your pieces are gorgeous! I love how you incorporate the wood and paint together to make the piece outstanding. So pretty and unique. Congratulations on the ebook, too! I will be looking out for it!

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  7. That’s some serious talent! Love the colors and how it turned out! Thanks so much for sharing, you have such an incredible blog!
    Whitney- The Rooster and The Hen

      • Thank you so much Whitney! I adore your blog & am loving your parties! You guys have such a great writing style…I’m always so excited when I get an email alerting me of a new post! I feel like a giddy teenager…not in a creepy way…;)

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