Blogging to Better: Bottles, Bows, & Binkys

I’ve decided to create a new lil series here on Scout & Nimble…Blogging to Better.

blogging to better


You see, when I started this blog it was more or less to capture our family’s little moments in time and to record our crazy life together.  Then I found that, since I always have a few fifty projects going on at once, Scout & Nimble became a good motivator to get those items scratched off my “to do” list and it’s been so much fun sharing them with all of you.  And if it happens to inspire someone else to do something outside their “comfort zone”, to tackle a project that they had stalled out on, or to help them learn something new about themselves, then I would be pleased as punch.  You can now picture me doing a happy dance.

One thing I want people to take away from this blog is to think “outside” of their day to day life and start finding time to do more for themselves.  I believe that it is so important to be passionate about something…to find a hobby, and to make enough time to do the things that you love, the things that fill your cup, the things that make you happy.  I think too many times, people can give and give and never make time for themselves, especially if they have dependents, whether it is children or parents.   I want to inspire people to go out and find what they are passionate about, whether it is sewing, writing, running, whatever!  I know you have heard that when you take care of yourself, you will be able to give so much more to others, which brings me back to Blogging to Better.
Blogging to Better is a new series that I have added to Scout & Nimble.  It will be a place dedicated to help raise awareness on certain issues, to give back to others and encourage & highlight people that are doing the same, and many other humanitarian efforts.  I am really passionate about giving to others in ways that don’t necessarily include a ton of money…things that are doable for everyone regardless of income.

I know times are tight for many and I get phone calls all the time asking for donations for organizations that are really wonderful.  Oh, how I wish that I could give to everyone…but we all know that sometimes we just don’t have the means to do that.  So, I want to encourage you just to do that little something extra that doesn’t necessarily involve giving a huge monetary donation.  I called Rainbow House here in Columbia, Missouri last week to see what items they could really use right now.  Their mission is to keep children safe and to support families in crisis through prevention, assessment, and intervention in child abuse and neglect.  Rainbow House has a team approach to ending child abuse in Mid-Missouri.  This is facilitated by many services, which include the Children’s Emergency Shelter, Regional Child Advocacy Center, Homeless Youth Program and Clinical Programs.  You can read more about each of these services here. As of right now, they could really use bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, little girl bows and headbands, hats for their little ones, scarves and hats for the older kids and pajamas.  So, here is what I am asking.  Next time you are at the store and you walk by one of the areas that is filled with the above items, grab one to donate.  It will not only make you feel good, but it will make such a difference, even if it is just one pacifier.  Such a little thing can make a difference.  And any of you crafters, sewers, or knitters out there…handmade bows, headbands, hats, scarves, pajamas would be wonderful as well! The children would LOVE it!  Such simple items…yet they can make a child feel so special.  The children range in age from newborns to teens.

I will be collecting these items for the next three weeks and my goal is to drop everything off by December 10th.  So, if you would like to help:

* Please leave a comment below or email me at so I can know to expect your items.  I am working on getting a p.o. box set up and will post the address as soon as I know it!

* Make sure to include your business card and/or contact info so that I can include you in the final list of participants.

And you don’t have to live in Columbia to participate!  However, if you would rather give to your local community, I encourage you to do so!  It is so simple to make some phone calls to local agencies that you are passionate about in order to see what you can do.  Then get your friends together & make it happen.  I would love to hear back from any of you who decide to take on this challenge and highlight your efforts in this new series!  We all can create an impact, make a difference and together change the world.

Please grab this button in my sidebar and add it to your sidebar or blog posts to display the Blogging to Better badge! It will show you are participating and help spread the word! Let’s do it!



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