Furniture Feature: Round Table Inspiration

Here is another little furniture feature for ya.  I have some friends that are expecting their first little one (it’s a GIRL!!!  So fun!!!) in April.  I am so thrilled for them and they recently mentioned they were needing a round table to finish off one of the rooms in their home.   Hmmm…has that nesting bug hit???  Well, they didn’t really want to go out and spend a ton of money on a new table.  They decided they wanted to try their luck at finding a solid piece to refinish and adding their spin on it.  I told them that I would looooove to help them or give them some pointers on painting/refinishing their piece.  Oh boy!?!  Can you tell that I am a little excited?

Well, of course, we went straight to Craigslist because you can bet your bottom dollar that you will find at least one round pedestal table on there per day…if not more…and more often than not, they are less than what you would spend on one trip to the grocery store…well, unless of course, you are an extreme couponer…so jealous of you, you extreme couponers.  I have tried your ways and have failed miserably.  But, I can take you out on Craigslist, so watch out if you are looking for the same item…we are SO on it!  You may be able to get it cheaper, but we will get to it first!  I’ll just have you know that the other night I couldn’t sleep and even though a warm slice of pumpkin pie was calling my name, I perused Craigslist instead.  Bring it people…we are serious here.  And if we need to we will bring in the big guns, too…did I mention that I have an uber resourceful neighbor…she just so happens to be the Craiglist queen!

Speaking of Craigslist…sometimes it can be hard for people to get past the junky appearance of an item and picture it as all that it could be.  What I believe we are looking for in this piece of furniture is beautiful lines…a solid piece with just that perfect touch of character.  So, I gathered a little inspiration for my friends so they can narrow down what they want to do with this table.  They may already have an idea, but I love gathering inspiration from this wonderful thing we call the web and here is what I came up with so far!

I tend to see a lot of plain jane round tables with four square legs that I have always thought of as ‘lacking character’ or ‘kind of boring’, but hey, how easy would it be to add a little shelf in there and some wood at the base to provide a little storage area and bump up the visual interest factor like this beautiful table below.  Some stain and paint and you are ready to go.

Brocante Round Kitchen Table via The Art of French Style

And you see those claw foot pedestal tables practically everywhere…how about taking the finish off and going for the rustic look like this gorgeous table from one of my favorite stores.

Pinned Image

image via Restoration Hardware

By using wood stains you can really have fun trying to re-create a look of something you love.  I tried to mimic the rustic wood finish from the picture above when I was testing out different finishes for our kitchen table.  I thought my tester on the left in this picture was close…

my testers

I really love this natural rustic look even though I went with more of a weathered grey look in the end.

How great is a rustic or even just a nice stained table with a wonderful burlap or linen covered chair.  So warm and inviting.

Pinned Image

image via Pottery Barn

Or you could go with a glass table…I thought this one was very clean and crisp.

Pinned Image

image via House Beautiful

And this one, also from House Beautiful…I’m thinking you could even do yourself…not sure how $$ it would cost for the glass top.  Aren’t those yellow chairs fun?

Pinned Image

I know this is not a round table, but I love the gray paint.  Beautiful.

Pinned Image

via House Beautiful

You could always go with the classic black table.  I think there is something so timeless a black pedestal table.  It is so versatile…here it is with cushioned chairs.

Pinned Image

via Pinterest

And look at how the feel of the room totally changes by changing up the chairs.

Pinned Image

image via Traditional Home

Add in chairs of a different finish like these in white, with a pop of color and you get something like this.

Pinned Image

image via House Beautiful

Or you can just keep it nice and classic with the black and white chairs.  I think this definitely puts the focus back on the table and your eye really gravitates to the other items in the room.

Pinned Image

image via Decor Pad

With these classic round tables, you can really get away with anything as far as chairs go.  If you like the upholstered look, these are simple and you can find them in just about every home store.

Pinned Image

image via Happy To Be At Home

I also love the relaxed look by using a couple of different types of chairs,

Pinned Imageimage via The Lettered Cottage

or chairs covered in a bold patterned fabric.

Pinned Image

image via Decor Pad

And if for some reason you find a table that is beyond repair, go out and buy a fabulous tablecloth.

Pinned Image

image via Decor Pad

You could do it in a fun fabric

image via House Beautiful

or even layer two together.  It’s amazing how you can choose certain fabrics to still keep the feel a bit more masculine even with a layered tablecloth!

image via House Beautiful

And then of course, you can always add in a pop of fun color into the table with some paint.

Both the above images via Chatham Hill Furniture

And you know how I love me some paint!  And with all the Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint colors, how could you go wrong?  So many choices…I hope this helps a little bit Shelley & Justin!  Maybe if we get our heinys in gear, we could even find some fun stuff to restore for the nursery!

As I mentioned in this post here, if you are stuck with a old piece of furniture that you are wanting to fix up and just have no idea where to start, email me at with the subject title “I need to be paint’n already!” and I will gladly accept the challenge.  I can give you some tips or just gather some inspiration to help guide you in the right direction.


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