Changing things up

Most people do not love change…and in many instances, I will tend to resist it, too.  But, in the arena of room design and furniture layout…I am a sucker for change.  I love rearranging furniture and trying to maximize space in our home.  If a room isn’t functioning, then I will spend every waking moment (ya’ll know how much I love my sleep…see item #7 here) thinking about how to change it until I come up with a better and more efficient plan for the room.  I have done this ever since I can remember.  When I walk in a room, I am always searching to find the best configuration and flow.  But, who likes to lift and move furniture around to find the best plan???  My poor lil muscles can only take so much and if I ask Sam to move a piece of furniture more than twice, I can guarantee that 9 times out of 10, I will get this look from him.

Yes, even the most patient man I know apparently has a breaking point 😉  And now it kind of makes sense why he sometimes he will call me “Lucy”…

I Love Lucy - i-love-lucy photo

via Fanpop

Ricky Ricardo: Lucy’s actin’ crazy.
Fred Mertz: Crazy for Lucy, or crazy for ordinary people?

Well, here I thought I was being all fancy schmacy when I went out and purchased one of those lovely drafting notebooks.  I would measure the room and my furniture and then play around with the pieces until I found the best arrangement.

me trying to come up with the best configuration for the boys closets. Yes, a closet counts as a room…as does a pantry. Am I obsessive?

I even went as far as coloring the furniture pieces…ummm, yes, that probably was not the best use of my time…this was obviously before 2 kids entered my life.

for all you people that say my handwriting is's so not

So, are you like me or what?  Do you ever wonder if a room would look better arranged another way?  Or are you going, Jesse, you still have too much time on your hands?  The reason I am asking is because I found something that is 10 times better, faster and super addicting when it comes to finding the best arrangement for your furniture.  Have you guys checked out Floorplanner yet???  This is the way to go if you are wanting to tackle a room layout.  It is so simple, too.  And did I mention that it captures your space in 3D too…oh yeah…it totally is riding on the 3D bandwagon.

via Floorplanner

And for all of you who are not super savvy when it comes to computers or anything high tech…floorplanner is for you!  It is so simple that Henry (my almost 4 year old) can do it.  I’m.totally.serious.

So, here is where this blog post all comes together.  Enter our old dining room.

one of the ten times that it got used in 5 years

It totally wasn’t working for us.  It rarely got any use.  It was a beautiful space filled with so many meaningful pieces, but It was way too formal for our taste and all of a sudden our beautiful dining room table became a place to store things.  So, I ended up moving x-ing the whole formal dining room.  I created an eating nook right off the kitchen which you can see here.  Sayonara formal dining room and hello nice big room!  I had known that I wanted to turn this blank space into a dual functioning room.  I wanted a place where we could get work done/organize our life and a retreat where we could just relax, get away from the television, and even snuggle up with a favorite book or magazine.  We needed an area that would serve as the “central hub” of our family.  Well, this room has been sitting for months like this

Sad, huh?  With all the work that I was putting into the new kitchen and eating area, this room got put on the backburner…well until now.  This room is plenty big and has a high ceiling, one large window and two entryways.  However, there was a little bit of a problem.

The furniture.  As you can see there are two rather large pieces that had to go into this room.  The desk and hutch that literally stores everything!  It is an office, craft center, daily organizer, storage holder, filing cabinet all rolled into one.  I love it and I must make it work in this room.  The other piece is this antique daybed that I mentioned here that is incredibly special to me.  So, let me tell you right now that these are not the lightest of furniture.  I knew Sam would kill me if I made him move these heavy pieces more than once.  Thank you floorplanner for saving the day!  I entered my measurements into floorplanner and designed a rough layout of the room.

room design, furniture layout

And in 3D

Yes, they have furniture & accessories that you can add!?!  Isn’t that the best!  (And yes, I do realize that I have a random circular ottoman outside the room…not sure why it’s there.)  As you can see I added in a rug, console table, lamps, chair, side table, storage cubes, desk chair and even maybe a smaller coffee table?  So, now that I have my layout finished, it is onto my favorite part…the shopping!!!  I used my moodboard app on our ipad to get a rough idea of what I was going for.

design board

I was trying to add in some color and this definitely needs to be edited down…just a rough draft, if you will, with 3 different options.  Sam likes option 1 and I was leaning more towards option 3.  What do you guys think?  How I would looooooove to just go out in a weekend and get everything I need to complete this room, but unfortunately, we do not have a money tree growing in our backyard and I am really a fan of going out and slowly collecting pieces over time or using/updating what we already have.  That way you can add pieces in that truly mean something instead of just buying a piece to fill some space.  More to come on this…I will share as I go along.

So, go check out Floorplanner if you are trying to decide how to bring that room together.  You will be so glad you did!  Did I mention that your first design is FREE!?!


***Oh speaking of change…did you notice that my blog got a little “bloglift”?  I am so happy with it!  The very talented Alexia of The Prettiest Pixel did her magic for me!  She was so incredibly helpful and created something I absolutely love!  If you have a blog and are needing someone to freshen it up for you, I HIGHLY recommend her.  Thank you so much Alexia!****


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