It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

christmas decor

I feel a little behind this year…is it just me or does it seem like more and more people got an early start on Christmas this year?  Well, I am happy to say that the tree is up, the Christmas decor is out, and we are constantly listening and dancing up a storm to our holiday playlist which, of course, includes Run DMC’s Christmas in Hollis (Oliver & Henry’s favorite followed closely by Jack Johnson’s Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer).

christmas decor

All of our Santas and snowmen are out.  We have about 20  of the Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Santas & Snowmen.  My parents get us a few every year and it has become one of the presents that I look forward to the most.  My father started this back in 2003.  I love that he not only started our collection, but that he continues to build it…each one is a reminder of Christmas’s past and full of so many memories.   And now, well, it has just become a tradition.  It is so much fun pulling them out every Christmas and I swear it seems like I notice something new on them every year.  Each one is so intricate and colorful…they really are so much fun to look at.  Henry already has his favorites and this year we allowed him to pick one to display in his room.   I know these figurines will be such a keepsake for us…keep them coming Jim Shore!!!  I don’t care if I have a house full of them!  It is pretty cute because my Dad, (his name is Hoot-shout out Dad!) doesn’t love the newer ones.  He thinks they are doing something different with the faces so he is always searching high and low for the older figurines.  It is really sweet.  The other Christmas tradition that involves good ole Hooty is the Christmas Day singing of “Christmas is Coming”.  It is so fun being together with our family, all of us in our pajamas, drinking coffee, not quite awake and to see my Dad belting out that song in his robe in the middle of the living room.  Ah, I cannot wait.  So, tell me do you all have any special traditions or traditional gifts that you give or get?  Anything fun?  Please share…I love hearing other people’s traditions and stories.

And of course, our tree wouldn’t be complete without our bass fish (courtesy of my sweet husband, Sam Sam the fisherman).  Henry takes it off the tree every night and sleeps with it.  I think he will be following in his Daddy’s footsteps…


3 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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  2. Girl I am so behind. I dont even have my tree up yet. 😦 But, tonight is the night it shall get done. This year has been kinda hard because it will be the first year my kiddo’s will be at their dad’s Christmas Eve. They will come home at noon on Christmas which makes me happy. But, we do four gifts at our house. I started this after Danny and I split years ago. Four kids, 1 small paycheck and a non child support paying ex equals not a lot of cash. Plus Ms Anna Grace’s bday is Dec 21 and Mr Aves is Dec 29. So, like I said, we do four gifts…something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. Plus everyone would get new pj’s to open Christmas Eve to wear to bed that night. I’ve also always bought the kids their own Christmas orniment that I usually hang off one of the bows. That way when they are are older and have their own tree’s they will have a nice little start. Oh and since Adam and his boys now live with us, last year I started a tradition of wrapping everyone’s gifts in the same paper but each kid has their own color ribbon…only they don’t know what their color is until Christmas morning! It’s fun and the kids love trying to guess who got what color. For the first time this year I came across an excellent idea. I’m sure it’s been around but I’d never heard of it before. If you dont have a fireplace in your house you can buy a “magical” key and hang it outside your house for Santa! I love that idea!!

    • Those are some GREAT ideas! We do have a Santa “magical” key, but I love your idea of 4 gifts…that way it doesn’t get so out of control. The pj idea is so cute, too! & the ornament every year…I’m so going to do that this year! Ok I’m just going to steal all your ideas!!! Lol! They are fabulous! Thanks for sharing!!!

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