Blogging to Better…Wow!

Just wanted to say WOW and THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to this edition of Blogging to Better.

blogging to better

**Click the picture above for more information on the series of Blogging To Better**

There is still time to donate items (bottles, pacifiers, hats, scarves, pajamas, hairbows, sippy cups) this week so either email me or leave a comment so I can know to expect your donation!  I am going to drop everything off to Rainbow House on Friday, December 9th, so I would love to have everything collected by Thursday evening.

My goal was to collect 200 items to take to the children and we have over 100 so far and that doesn’t include the 60 hairbows that I made for the girls.  So, we are almost there!  Pass this along to anyone who would be willing to help.  Just picking up a package of pacifiers during your next trip to the grocery store would be a tremendous help!  The whole idea behind Blogging to Better is to show people that it is sometimes just that little something extra that can go such a long way.  Instead of spending $4 on that grocery store coffee, you could pick up a sippy cup and help out an organization like Rainbow House.  Even if you decided to take that $4 and buy a couple of flowers…they sell the most beautiful hydrageas at Hy-Vee for less than 4 buckaroos…then you could go brighten someone’s day…give it to a stranger or to a friend who is having a rough day/time/week. I promise you it will make a difference not only in that persons day, but it can literally change their outlook on life.  I really want to show people that you can still make a difference & impact a person’s life without spending a ton of money.  So, thank you so much to those of you who have donated items already…I truly appreciate it so much and I know Rainbow House and the children there will be so thrilled to receive these items as well!


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