Never say never

That’s right…I have learned my lesson.  It has happened too many times for me to count.  I will say that I will never do something and then what do I go out and do???  Exactly.  How could I truly just be learning this lesson when the Biebs at however old he is, already knows it…I mean he even wrote a song about it, right?  Never say nev-ah (tell me you sang that).  Ok, so here’s a little background info…when I met my husband I knew all about all the hobbies he had.  The boy loved to be out fishing or hunting and if he wasn’t doing that, he was checking out the latest in fishing and hunting gear online, at Bass Pro, Cabelas, you name it.  He has it in his blood…and I’m talking all.year.long.people. 

So, I should have seen it coming, but was completely caught off guard right after we got married, when he “caught” (yes, I realize he didn’t “catch” it, but I don’t love all those hunting details)  a buck and started searching for the perfect spot for it IN OUR LIVING ROOM!?!  I think I took one look at it and said something along the lines of, “no way, not ever, never will you hang that in my house!?!”  So, being the wonderful husband he is, he has since stored his mounts in the garage, in the basement…he even has one of his mounts hanging at a friend’s cabin.

So, you are asking, where is this story going?  Let me just cut to the chase and show you what I did.

decorating with antlers, decorating with sheet music

 ***And I apologize right now to all you out there that cannot stand hunting or hunters…please pretty please don’t leave me nasty comments…***

As of right now, there are two, however, there is room for more so we will see just how many get a place on the wall.  And can I just tell you that Sam Sam the hunter man is over the moon.  When I told him that I was considering it, he immediately called several of his buddies literally grinning from ear to ear.  I must say, it was pretty sweet seeing how much it meant to him.  Then, I got to thinking and realized that this house, our home is supposed to represent the two of us.   With these babies up, it will do exactly that.  I want people to walk in and see us, not just some store bought items that we purchased just to fill some space.  Everyone that knows Sam, knows that he is so passionate about hunting and fishing.  Of course, he would have these on his wall!

I did, however, have some stipulations.  #1- I did not want any skulls or heads on the wall, especially since this was right next to where we eat every meal.  #2- I had to be able to decorate the mounts the way I wanted.  He agreed to both, but had one for me as well.  He did not want me to paint the antlers.  Hey, I was game.  We slapped a high five and I immediately went to shopping for the mounts.   I am always thrilled to have some lovely package arrive at our doorstep…I just NEVER thought I would be so excited to see a package from this store show up for ME! 

And, yes, that might as well be Sam on in the photos on the box.  I, of course, broke out my trusty white spray paint and went to town.  I added some lovely brass brads and on the smaller set of antlers, I took some white rope and wrapped it around the base.

decorating with antlers

This project literally was super easy and I cannot believe that I am saying this…but I’m kind of excited for Sam to get some more mounts.  (that kind of sounded bad, huh)…ahem, get some more antlers, that is.  I can only imagine his future bow & gun season trips…I will be so anxious for a call that he is bringing something home for me!  Who woulda thought???

Oh, and if you are wondering about the new art up on the wall, it is something that I did this past week.

sheet music art, wedding song art

It is actually the score to our wedding song, “Someone like You” by Van Morrison.

sheet music art, wedding song art

For those of you wondering, I printed it off and enlarged it to 30×40.  Then, I antiqued the paper and primed a canvas the same way that I did for the painting in Oliver’s room.  All I had to do was layer the score on top so it had all sorts of interesting texture and pop it in a frame.  It cost me about $60.  Pretty cheap for some meaningful art, huh.  I will post a more in depth tutorial soon if you want to recreate the look for your home!

So, all in all, I am very happy with our new additions.

decorating with antlers, sheet music art

And if you would have asked me five years ago, if I thought I would one day have antler racks up in my house, I would have laughed at the idea.  I’m telling you never say never…don’t do it…don’t say it…and yes, I am talking to you young women without kids…you may just wind up in a mini-van someday.  I know, I know…it’s hard to imagine…but I promise it’ll be ok 😉


16 thoughts on “Never say never

  1. i’m with you on the heebie-jeebies of head mounts hovering over me while i eat. yuck.

    still…your antler mounts are lookin’ mighty fine adjacent to your musical art. and i hate to say this but you stole our wedding song! isn’t it the best???

    • Thanks Amy! I must say we did good picking a great song, huh? I am sure a ton of people have it as theirs, but it’s not very often that I hear that. We got good taste 😉

  2. I have some antlers —Love it…I must have Kevin, hubby find those bad boys and get to work…now where to put them….????

    • That’s awesome, Michele! I totally went searching for those in the creepy parts of our basement! Sam said he was more than happy to go out & get more. 😉 Any chance to go hunting & he’s in!

  3. Love the antlers, and if you ever have tasted anything so wonderful as vension summer sausage with cheese and jalapanos!!!! Hootie brought some home, and now I can telling him to go out and kill a deer so I have have lots of vension sausage. I even begged him to get more from his friend who gave him the first one. Game on…watch out Bambi

    • Oh I know! I’ll take the antlers, you take the meat & then we could sew Sammy & Hootie cloaks out of the hides that they can wear so deer all around will know what serious hunters they are & not to mess with them! Lol!!!

  4. Jesse, I love your ideas. Keep em’ coming! I had to laugh because we have a huge “Head” that is sitting in my parents building in downtown Columbia right now. It has NEVER gone up on our walls and because our last house was on the market for so long our realtor(s) advised against it, in case someone from PETA was interested in buying our house. I am going to have to steal this idea to pass along to my mom as well. Their basement is kind of in transition and needing some sprucing up and they have many sets of antlers “dying” (pardon the pun, hehehe) to have something done to them. Hope you guys are doing well, and a happy early birthday to Henry!

    • Lol! Thanks, Robyn! I know I think I’m still a little nervous putting it out there in the universe…like I’m going to get red paint thrown on me or something! Did Carter have a good birthday? Happy holidays to you guys, too! I am sure you are excited to come back for a lil como visit 😉

  5. awww… you did it again! i just found adam’s v-day gift. and no, not the antlers… the music score! i always try and give him something personal to us. last year was a sketch of the chicago city sky line which was the first place i told him i loved him. so i’m thinking the score of the first song we slow danced to will be perfect!

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