Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: A Living Room Makeover…or at least a start


Time to face the strain, ch-ch-changes…

I don’t know many people that like change,  in fact, it seems like I see people resisting change on a daily basis.  However, time and time again, when I have talked about re-decorating a room or refreshing a piece of furniture, people are always very quick to list off all the things they would like to change about their home whether it be a single room or several pieces of furniture.   Why is that?  I also find that most people who would like to change something often get stuck at a stand still because of some decision…whether it be choosing a color for the walls, deciding on fabric,  or just finding that special piece of art.  I am totally guilty of this…this lovely lady has definitely helped my confidence in my design decisions, but I know first hand how hard it can be.  I mean my house sat for four years with hardly any art up on the walls because I wasn’t sure what to hang?!?  Not to mention, many people, including me 5 years ago, felt like in order to make over a room you would have to spend a BIG chunk of money.

So, I was totally shocked that I took on the “start” of a living room re-design for a friend.  I’m just going to cut to the chase and share the pictures first because this could easily turn into a loooooong post.  So consider this a lil preview with more detailed information to follow in the coming week.

A little backstory first though…Kim is my husband’s processor at work and she has been so incredibly helpful to him as well as such a valuable resource.  This woman is amazing and keeps my hubby oh so organized.  Believe me…that alone is one tough job 😉  So Sam wanted to do something nice for her around the holidays.  When he had asked her daughter about what Kim would like, she had said that her mother could definitely use a new chair.  Sam ran with the idea because he knew that this was not necessarily something that she would just go out and buy herself…aren’t those always the most fun gifts to receive anyway?  Something that they just don’t expect.

So, my incredibly intelligent husband asked yours truly to check out Kim’s place with him because he knows how wonderful and smart I am…ha ha…that’s what I would like to think, but, really we were all in the car together and just so happened to be close to Kim’s place.  Anyhow, we walked in and, instantly you could feel the warmth and love in her home.  She had her daughters and grandchildren there and it was so sweet to see her with her family.  When we got back in the car after taking a look around, our conversation with something like this:

Sam:  So whatda think about a chair?

Me:  Umm…I think we could make over her entire living room area for what we would spend on one new chair.

Sam:  <pausing to think for a bit>…GAME ON

Me:  <squealing and clapping>  Oh, it’s SO on!!!  Oh ya, project!!!

I should say this is not a total make-over but a good start of a redesign…we got the “bones” up and all Kim really needs to do is accessorize a bit.  She currently lives in a rental so I knew that I wanted to add color, but was limited on how I could actually do it.  This is what I came up with.  I always love a good before and after so I hope you enjoy!  And thank goodness, Kim loved it all, which is obviously the most important thing!  The cost?  Close your eyes for a second Kim…just skip to the pictures…

We accomplished all of this with a budget of $400!!!  That’s it.  A new couch, new loveseat, desk, buffet, a Louis style chair, art, pillows, 5×7 rug, lamps, curtains, screens, & a few accessories for all under $400 buckaroos!  Not too shabby, huh?

So without further ado…the befores

And now for the afters…(sorry for some of the grainy shots)

 And Sam would definitely want me to mention that he reupholstered this chair

into this (he did good, right???)

fabric wal

So, stay tuned to hear all the details…everything from the painted furniture, free wall art, stenciled rug, bi-fold doors/dividers, new furniture, pillows from Goodwill skirts (not joking), to the fabric wall (great for rentals where you can turn any wall into an accent wall without damage to the wall itself) and chalkboard!

We hope you are enjoying your re-designed living room, Kim!!!

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17 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: A Living Room Makeover…or at least a start

  1. Way to go Jesse – that room rocks! I’m sure your friend was amazed. You have been working hard it is shows. Working on a table in graphite and using the stencil that is on the wall behind your beauitful piece — possibly the green hornet :)…we could name it. Love the green. I need to branch out and get funky like you sista!

  2. So, I am the blessed recipient of this wonderful makeover! As wonderful as the pictures are, you would not believe the wonderful change in an other drab rental! I am so blessed as I have never had someone do something so wonderful for me before and couldn’t have asked or even imagined anything this awesome! Thank you cannot begin to convey my appreciation and warmth I feel every time I enter my home…it feels like more than where I live now…it feels like home! Thank you so much for all your time and effort Sam and Jesse… will never know how much your kindness has meant! 🙂

    • Awe, Kim!!! I am so glad to hear that! You deserve it & we were SO happy to be able to do that for you! You work so hard & deserve so much more! We are beyond thrilled that you like your newly redesigned space!!!

  3. What a change, It is sophisticated, elegant, and positively 180 degrees from the previous arrangement, yet still family friendly. A Nate Berkus style makeover with a sensible budget. Jesse and Sam, you rock!

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