Kim’s makeover: Fabric Deets & Pillow Talk

If you didn’t check out the background story to Kim’s makeover, you can check it out by clicking here.  I’ll note again that this was really just a start…there was so much more that I really wanted to add, but we were on a budget.  A tight one at that…$400.  I think we did extremely well considering we got a couch, loveseat, desk, chair, credenza, rug, pillows and a few other accessories!  And the things we did are really basic and something anyone can go out and do.  Bottom line, I wanted this to be realistic.  I run into people all the time that would love to be able to go and buy all new items for a room or area in their home, but in reality they have bills that need to be paid first.  So, the point I wanted to show here is that you can make-over a room in phases.  That way it becomes more manageable in terms of money, and not to mention, is a lot less stressful.  I love when things come together organically, over time.  I think it not only adds more character to your home, but I think it also helps your home from becoming too matchy matchy.

Now here is a disclaimer…I am definitely not an interior designer nor do I think that I’m anything close to the sort.  I have no idea what design rules are and haven’t the slightest idea as how to follow them.  I have never studied design nor do I plan to.  I just think taking a room and freshening it up is fun.  I enjoy doing it.  I love using what you have and transforming it into something unexpected.  I cannot stand to have non-functional space…if a space isn’t being used, then I rack my brain until I find a solution for it.  I mean don’t you think your home should be a reflection of you and a place where you can walk in and feel relaxed, calm, inspired…or however you want to feel?

With that being said, I’m going to dive into what worked for me with Kim’s makeover.  It is a far cry from what used to be my process.  Before, “my process” went a lil something like this and raise your hand (ok, you don’t actually have to do that) if this sounds familiar.  I would decide a room needed some changing.  I would look around and not know where to start…do I pick the paint first, or find a comforter, or go look at drapes?  Then, I would sit silently staring at the room waiting for something to pop into my lil brain and yep, I would get nothing or the reverse would happen & I would have so many ideas popping around up there that I felt like they were literally going to be exploding out of my ears. Usually it was around this time that the sweating (I know, I have a problem) and panic machine turned on full blast, I would say forget it and then think, hmmm…maybe I should go on The Nate Show website to see if they are offering a free makeover giveaway and perhaps I will be lucky enough to win it.  Very rational, huh.

I just didn’t know where to start.  So, if this is your problem, then hopefully the process I took with Kim’s make-over will maybe help you, too.  My initial question when starting Kim’s makeover was “what do you want to feel in this room?”  Do you want to feel energized?  Relaxed?  Or do you have a favorite place, like the beach?  The garden?  A favorite season?  Summer, Winter, Fall?  Do you get where I am going with this?  Mainly, you will want to choose a color scheme.  For Kim, she wanted to feel relaxed although she wasn’t afraid of color.  She just said no red or orange.  So, it was there, that I got the idea to do a mixture of neutrals with green and blue.  I actually kind of based my scheme for this room off of white, green and navy.  It was only later that I knew I wanted to add in bits of gold/bronze/brass to the room.  If you are not sure on color schemes or are really open to anything, there is a cool new website that takes colors from your favorite photos and makes a “chip” out of it.  Shaunna did a post about it here.  Maybe try browsing around there and see if anything strikes you.  Another one of my FAVORITE go to sources when trying to come up with color schemes, is this gorgeous website.  Scroll through until you find something that grabs you and boom, you’ve got an instant color scheme.  It’s the greatest thing.  Then you can be like me and “pin” a thousand of them.  Are you addicted to Pinterest, too?  This is my recent favorite…I’m thinking maybe possible color scheme for the boys room.  But, I want to add a pop of orange in there, too.


Next, I go to fabric.  We were kind of on a time crunch so I knew that I pretty much had two fabric stores to deal with…JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobz.  So, I went there and just took pics of everything that caught my eye.  Literally, I think I took over 30 pictures with my phone.

No rhyme or reason…just take pics of what catches your eye.

As soon as I saw this outdoor fabric, I instantly knew that I wanted to use him as “wallpaper” for the accent wall.  This is so easy and is great for people in rentals who want to add some color on their walls.

fabric walJust get enough to cover your wall.  Use a staple gun sparingly (the last thing you want to do when you move is to patch a bunch of small holes) to attach the fabric to the wall making sure you line up the seams.  Then I took a 1 inch white grosgrain ribbon and gold square upholstery tacs to go around the perimeter for a finished look.  After I saw these lovely ladies create their fabric wall, I had been waiting for my chance to try it out.  It worked great and added so much to Kim’s place.

So, once I knew that I had fabric for the accent wall, it was onto selecting fabric for the pillows.  I simply took my favorites and starting playing around with them.

This was very pretty, but more on the neutral side…Kim said she wasn’t afraid of color so I knew this wasn’t the right combo.

I really did like this floral print, but the combination of all three just wasn’t right and wasn’t the vibe I was going for.  Not to mention, Kim said no red.  And because all the fabric patterns were larger in scale, it just didn’t look right.

This is ultimately what I almost settled on, but I wasn’t 100% sold.  The floral print was smaller in scale so that helped and was all the right colors, but it all felt too matchy matchy for me.  I could not find anything that I liked and I was actually starting to get embarrassed that I had been in the store that long, so I bought the blue graphic print for the accent wall and the green ikat fabric, and I went to plan B.   All I needed was a print that would kind of pull the two together. And from there I went to Goodwill.  I’ll let you in on a lil secret…well, it’s not really a secret seeing as how millions of people shop there, but you get me.  Many of the items there are under $3 and there are many fabulous prints to choose from.  Well, it must have been my lucky day because I found this skirt there for $1.

It was my perfect “tie everything together fabric”!  It had the blue, the green, some gray (which I knew that I had wanted to paint the bookcases in a gray and navy), and even some white.  I knew that I could make a pillow out of it and even use the leftover to create mattes for picture frames.  It was such a pretty skirt and in such good condition that I almost felt bad cutting it up, but a girl’s got to do what a girls got to do, right?

It wasn’t until one day when I was out doing a little shopping and spotted this at Pier 1, that I knew that I wanted to throw some brassy gold into the mix.

 So, back to Joann’s I went and I found the perfect gold fabric.

I also found some white fur fabric that I thought would be fun and it was so soft that I couldn’t put it down.

*I had originally bought the yellow fabric you see in the pic above, but didn’t really love it.  Once I found the gold fabric, the yellow was history…the cover is now sitting in my basement ready to be used somewhere else*

I had also planned on making some drapes, but while at Marshalls one day (I swear I am not always shopping), I ran across these fabulous green panels for $13.99 (for two!) and snatched them up.  I thought the pop of color was a nice touch.

So, that pretty much covers the fabric portion of Kim’s make-over.  The next step was getting the pillow forms and sewing the covers for them.  Here is another sweet tip on pillow forms.  If you want the good ones, but don’t want to pay $20-$30 for them, go to TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Pier 1, wherever they sell pillows and go to the clearance pillows.  You can usually find pillows that have a removable cover on them for cheeeap.  Luckily for me, I went shopping right after Christmas and there were Christmas pillows galore in the clearance section.  I ended up buying more than I needed for Kim’s, but no worries…I will use them somewhere.

I think the most expensive pillow was $7…seriously.

I mean can you believe that the most expensive pillow out of the bunch was the crazy hot pink one???  It reminded me of a dress that someone would have worn in the 80’s…there were a whole lot of ruffles happenin’.  I sewed an envelope closure for Kim’s pillows so she could easily remove them and throw them in the wash if she needed.  I followed this tutorial, if you can sew a straight line, you can make these…I promise.  I just learned how to do an invisible zipper on a pillow…I don’t know why I was so intimidated to learn this…it is so simple!!!  If you want to be brave and try it, check out this tutorial…it’s so easy and looks so professional.  Sorry, Kim! I wish I would have done it on your pillows!!!

Stay tuned for the rest of the makeover details…I thought I would break it up for you instead of having one reeeeaaally long post.  Tomorrow I will post on how I created this fun rug for under $30.  It is a super simple project and for all of you who are wondering…

yes, I will give a HUGE tip as to not have one stencil right smack dab in the middle that is darker than the rest!  Thank goodness it was there and could be covered with Kim’s coffee table.  I’m telling ya, every project I do has a certain “Dale” moment…if I can do this…anyone can.


3 thoughts on “Kim’s makeover: Fabric Deets & Pillow Talk

  1. Love the fabric wall! I want one 🙂 and might just have to do it. Love to look at all the great fabrics out there. Well done.

  2. What wonderful fabric choices. I love the green ikat type fabric that you used but would love to know where you found the other one that is green but uses two hues of green. I looked on Hobby Lobby’s website and saw the circular motif fabric in the browns and greens, but would love to know if the other one is from JoAnne’s.

    Thank you. Enjoy your blog so much!

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