There’s a whole lot of dancin happenin here

Ever since my mom bought us Dance 3 for Kinect, this is what my boys have been up to.  Literally, they have spent HOURS dancing each day…they love it.  Oliver, who tends to be pretty moody in the mornings, just like his mama, is so happy as soon as we turn it on.  He was dancing before 7am the other morning.  I thought I would share…and yes, he has quite the moves…he didn’t only get his mama’s moodiness…;)  But, I love Henry’s musical timing in the background…it’s perfect.

And yes, one of these days, I realize that I am going to have to cut Oliver’s hair.  sniff sniff…


4 thoughts on “There’s a whole lot of dancin happenin here

  1. I love it when little boys dance and try to act cool! You MUST replay this at his wedding reception! My first husband still dances like Oliver at age 47! Hugs to your boys, I have three boys aged 18, 5 and 4 and a daughter 15. Believe me when I tell you it goes by so darn fast. My 18 yr old is turning 19 in April. I still remember when he used to dance to Pearl Jam when he was Oliver’s age. Sniff. Sniff. (He’ll deny it now if you ask him).

    • Too funny, Jeanne! Good idea…I’m sure Oliver will be thrilled to have that played at his reception! Lol! I was just saying the other day how some days seem so long, but the years…they just fly by. I think that’s why I don’t want to cut Oliver’s hair…I know he’ll look like such a big boy & I’m not quite ready for him not to be my “baby”!

      • I know, I felt the same way when Ryan was Oliver’s age. He had long auburn curls. Now, he has to have the cool college short buzz cut. MJ, my five year old did a little modeling as a baby/toddler. His hair is platinum blonde. I didn’t cut it. We got to a photo shoot and the little girl in the shoot never showed. The photographer’s assistant took one look at MJ and said, “HEY, what if we put the cute little dress on this guy?” I said sure. At aged 20 months I felt he was secure in his manhood. I wish I could show the photo to people, however, we don’t “own” it. So sad, it would’ve made great paybacks when he acts up over the next 17 years.

      • Thaaat’s awesome, Jeanne! I love it…I’m sure MJ will eventually be so thankful that you couldn’t share it either! That is too funny…I will say that my bows have served as “testers” when I make hair bows or dresses for my niece…I think I can get away with it for a couple more years, but after that I may be out of luck!

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