Not your average wall decal

Why do I feel like I am the last one to know about this stuff…this stuff being Tempaper.  Oh good, you don’t know what it is either?  Had I known about this self adhesive, repositionable, temporary wallpaper, I just may have used it for accent wall when we did the makeover for Kim instead of covering her wall in fabric.  Juuuuust maybe…

fabric wall

Oh, did I just see all you renters out there perk up?  Yes, this would be the perfect thing for you.  Isn’t this pattern fun?

Silver (GIO)


Or this


Tempaper would also be the perfect thing for someone like me.  I have always loved the idea of putting up wallpaper, but, right before I click the scary “add to cart” button, a panic always seems to overcome me.

How do I know that I’m not going to get tired of it after a year?  And it’s not like I can just paint over it if I decide I want something different.  Soooo, now I have to learn how to put up wallpaper or pay someone to do it only to have them come back and remove it 12 months down the road?  Doesn’t wallpaper become outdated quickly? Oh, the decisions!?!

Every time I think about going with wallpaper, the end result is the same…I.order.nothing.  And I have a file folder full of sad wallpaper samples to prove it.  Is that weird?  I think I’m just too frightened with the whole long term commitment that wallpaper entails, so the fact that Tempaper can easily be removed is rather intriguing, dare I say tempting???  Sorry I couldn’t resist…I claim insanity and lack of sleep.  (***I’ve been caring for one sick lil boy for the past 5 days and sleeping in a recliner with this sick lil boy on my chest at night because this particular sick lil boy for some reason will not sleep in our nice soft comfortable bed with us.  It’s all definitely starting to catch up with me.  Yep, I think when you are at the grocery store and realize that you have somehow left your house in some crazy pink isotoner slippers, it’s safe to say that you may be a touch tired.***)

So let’s move on to talk in terms of the dollar bill ya’ll…one roll of Tempaper costs $84.95  and will cover a 56 square foot area, which is about 8 ft x 6 ft.   One roll would have definitely covered Kim’s accent wall.   If you think that is too pricey, then you should know that they have a few items on sale for $45/roll, which I happen to think is quite the steal.  And if you hurry on over to Joss & Main, they have a big selection of Tempaper on sale for around $50/roll.  But, the sale ends in 11 hours so you’d better be quick!

Kim’s accent wall cost around $50 for the fabric, ribbon, and gold upholstery tacs, and I’d imagine it probably takes about the same amount of time and energy to hang as the Tempaper.  A huge variable in the equation is the price of the fabric that you want to use.  The fabric I used for Kim’s blue geometric wall was on sale for a little over $5/yard which is incredibly cheap.  Four yards cost me a little more than $20.  But, if the fabric you want to use is $10 or $20/yard, then I think the obvious choice might be the Tempaper.  The other thing that is nice about the Tempaper is the fact that there are no holes to fill if you should need to take it down or have to move, whereas, we did use a staple gun to connect the fabric to the wall in Kim’s situation.  Sorry, Kim,  if you move, just call Sam Sam the wall spackling man and he will patch those suckers up.

Tempaper has a pretty good selection, too.  They have some very traditional patterns White and Black (DAMSEL)


some patterns that would be perfect for a sweet lil nursery

Morning Blue (TUSK)


and some patterns and colors that could really make a room pop


They even have a product called Tempaper by You where you can paint your own wallpaper.  You know, for all you artistic people out there.

I just may be looking at doing something like this below for Henry’s “big boy” room

Sky and Midnight (ALTO)


We’ll see if I can hit the “add to cart” button this time…

Oh, and if you have tried this product, please tell me  what you thought about it, especially if you had any problems with it!  This tired mama would appreciate the head’s up!


2 thoughts on “Not your average wall decal

  1. Hi Jesse, I ran across this post and just had to ask about the dresser. Sorry if I missed an earlier post about it, but I couldn’t find one. I have three dressers at my lake house that are very similar, only nothing has been done with them yet. They are U G L Y! I’ve been thinking about painting them and was wondering what paint you used. If not ASCP, do you mind describing the process you used? Any prep work involved? Or if you’ve already posted about it, do you mind redirecting me? Thanks!

    • Thanks Debbie! I used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Antibes Green on the dresser. I did 2 coats followed by some clear wax for protection. After replacing the hardware, I was done! Super easy!

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