25 Random thoughts…

  1. I got hit by a semi truck called influenza on Thursday and literally have been in my bed ever since…that is, until I was forced out due to the stomach bug attacking Sam Sam the now pukey man.  But, thankfully, I got Tamiflu within 24 hours of my symptoms, so today I am feeling so much better.
  2. To make matters worse, my little Ah-ber is still sick…poor kid is now going on 1 week + of high fevers.
  3. All of this is just such great timing, that it’s laughable.  If I didn’t laugh, I’m afraid I would cry.
  4. Funny that it is times like these, that I am reminded just how lucky we are…and I pray for those families that are dealing with chronically ill children…my heart and prayers go out to you and I am so inspired by your strength and tenacity.
  5. I am so thankful for my family…my sweet brother came over to get Henry to take him out to get a toy and to McDonald’s in order to help Sam and I out.  Michael, you are the BEST!  Henry thinks you pretty much rule the school.  Which you do.
  6. I guess I have not really watched live tv very much anymore because I was AMAZED at all the infomercials…the MyZone headphone one did manage to get a chuckle out of me.  The fact that all of the people are positioned like a foot from the television was perhaps the best, followed closely by the guy mowing the lawn with his headphones on so he could still listen to the tv.  Hilarious.
  7. Because I cannot formulate coherent thoughts, I’d thought I’d write 25 things so you can learn a little bit more about me, but so far it’s only been about illness…sorry.
  8. I got about 6 inches cut off my hair on Thursday…my hair was getting reaaaally long.  Like, House on the Prairie long.  This was before I was body slammed by this nasty little virus.
  9. Speaking of cutting hair, do you happen (I’m sure you do) to know Ashley?  If you do not, you really must.  You should definitely check out her rite of passage video. She is so incredibly talented, inspiring, hilarious, honest and such a courageous woman.
  10. She has actually inspired me to tackle something that has been on my “want to do” list for about 5 years.
  11. What’s sad is I think I was more scared to fail than to take on a project that felt bigger than I could handle.  So when I saw this shirt that was helping raise money for her, I bought it and decided to finally get this huge thing crossed off my “to do” list…it’s about time, huh.

    via Lil Blue Boo

  12. I’ll let you in on the goal here next week.
  13. Now, on to some random facts. Technically, that shouldn’t count as a number.  But, sometimes, I like to break the rules.
  14. Did you know that I cannot stand to watch someone on tv try to do something in a tight space.  Like in Tommy Boy where he is trying to change in that teeny tiny bathroom.  It makes my skin crawl and I am not claustrophobic, but when I watch scenes like that, it makes me feel like I am.
  15. I will fall asleep if you lightly rub on my face…not kidding.
  16. I do not like ice tea…at all…not even sweet tea.  I thought maybe once I became an “adult”, I would start to like it and so far it’s not happening.
  17. My favorite color is oooorange.  Always has been.  I don’t think I was ever a pink girl.
  18. I appreciate and love my birthday.  But, I really hate having a big ole party…this is so so embarrassing, but I think I may have cried more than once when I found out Sam was throwing me a 30th birthday party…I might have even begged asked him to cancel it.  I know, what’s wrong with me?  I really do love celebrating my birthday, but I don’t love being the center of attention so it’s a dilemma for me.  I’m working on it…maybe 33 will be the age that I let it all go?
  19. I love to bake, (although I haven’t done much of it lately).  Cooking and I don’t always see eye to eye.  However, due to my stubbornness determination, I keep trying to strengthen my cooking muscle.  Sometimes I’m successful and other times, I know my family is thankful that I’m awfully skilled at ordering in.
  20. I have a lot of projects going on right now…I think if someone saw our garage, they might mistake us for hoarders.  I have the pictures to prove it.  And everyone on Instagram can be a witness…I had no clue every picture you take is instantly (hence the name of the app) shared with everyone.  Lovely.
  21. I realized while I was going through my photos the other day, that I forgot to share a few projects with all of you…oops.  My bad and don’t worry, I’ll share. The whole time I was looking through the pics, I kept saying to myself, dude get on that already.
  22. Yes, I often call myself dude.
  23. Oddly enough, sharing (in certain instances) has never been my strong suit.  My mom even saved my kindergarten report card where the teacher wrote, “Jesse has a hard time sharing with the other children…”
  24. I would say that most people would categorize me as a fairly shy person…I don’t necessarily think I am shy, it just takes some time for me to really open up to people. Although, I will say the same does not apply on here…here I am an open book.
  25. I often find that one of my boys is usually dressed similar to me…I don’t do it on purpose at all.  I will sit in front of their closet and the brown shirt and army green pants will jump out at me.  I dress them and then when we are out and someone comments about us all being twinkies, I look and think…holy crap, how did that happen?!?!  I know people think I’m lying when I explain that I totally didn’t mean to match.
  26. Yes, I know I said 25, but remember, I am a rule breaker.  I almost had Oliver in our car…that would have not been kewl at all.  He was born exactly 40 minutes after I had my first contraction.  And it took us about 30 minutes to get to the hospital from the time I had my first contraction.  Yep, that meant no drugs for this mommy.  I am amazed by you women that electively choose for no epidural.  Warriors, I tell ya…cause thatthat hurt pretty bad.

Good thing he’s so cute…and one last picture…just cause Henry was feelin left out


6 thoughts on “25 Random thoughts…

  1. I too hate small spaces. I totally get how felt during that scene in Tommy Boy. Don’t EVEN get me started watching some scenes in Titanic. All four of my children were born early fast and drug free. My daughter was born in the back of a Philadelphia Police car, July 4, 1996. The whole darn (I’d rather use another word) city shuts down for 4th of July festivities. Complete and utter traffic jam on the way to the hospital. Like people got out of their cars and sat on the roofs of their cars traffic jam. My husband (now ex-husband) jumped out of the car and screamed, “MY WIFE’S IN LABOR!” Every street freak, drunk bimbo and drunk guido stopped to look at me like I was an elephant in the zoo. Some cops took their sweet ole bippy time to check this out just to make sure Richie wasn’t lying. They threw me, and my bags into the cop car, told Richie to follow in our car and they proceeded to argue and fight as to whether or not I was in hard labor. I could only talk threw the pain into a little hole in the bullet proof window so they never heard me scream, “I GOTTA PUSH.” My only daughter was born July 4, 1996. She is always on time, hates the sound of police sirens and hates this story that her dad and I share. Oh, and she hates that I used to dress her in red, white and blue until she was 5!

    • Jeannie, that perhaps is the best labor/delivery story I have heard to date! Thank you for the laugh…although I am positive it was not humorous at the time! You are one brave woman! I cannot imagine!?!? Your daughter & I almost share a birthday, too, btw…I was on the 5th of July…my mom likes to say that the fireworks brought me out! 😉

      • Dude, you have NO idea! Maybe someday when you’re feeling better I’ll tell you what my husband (ex-husband since 2002) said to my girlfriend/neighbor when she ran up the street to the block party he was at and told him I was in labor. Then I’ll finish it off with the delightful little story of what happened when I came home from the hospital. I’ll give some hints, kegs, people, loud talkers, music, ending around 4 AM-ish . Then I’ll top it off with the lovely answer/reasoning he gave me for having a KEGGER like we USED to have in college on the day we came home from the hospital with our 2nd child. I know you have the flu, so I hope I haven’t made you vomit on your laptop. I was such a Stepford Wife that I even cleaned up the mess, oh sorry, I promised not to say anything until you’re over the flu. The best thing is my daughter A/K/A Baby Girl, A/K/A Sissy (to my 2 little boys) OR A/K/A LAUREN was the result of this. BTW, I was the nut-ball that emailed you last week or so about your little hot-shot dancing and recommending you show it at his wedding reception. My kids are 19, 15, 5, and 4 so I am all over the age group map. I’m cool and young and hip and shiney and pretty with my older two. With the younger two, umm, well, not so much. Good night and drink some NyQuil and toast to crazy labor mommy stories. My husband, Mike (the hubby who LIKES me and actually comes home) is snoring on the couch so loud that he’s actually drowning out SponegBob And Patrick on tv. Really?

      • Wow, that sounds like an interesting story & I think a big ole shindig is the last thing you want coming home after DELIVERING another human being!?!
        & can I tell you how much better I feel to know that I’m not the only one who is watching cartoons on a Saturday night…oh how times have changed…thanks for the many many laughs!

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