Is it just me or is anyone else feeling spoiled with all this gorgeous weather?  Here in the Midwest, it has been in the 70’s and even hit 85 degrees yesterday.  For March, this is a rare thing.  To think less than a month ago, we were doing this

And now?  I mean look at these Bradford Pears saying hello.

They are, by far, my favorite tree with the weeping willow coming in at a close second.  I mean, who could look at those beautiful blooms lining the street and be in a bad mood?  Well, I suppose someone who has terrible allergies might feel a touch different, huh.

So with this nice weather, we have taken full advantage spending our days outside playing, at the park, and at one my favorite places in Columbia, Shelter Gardens.

The boys love running around here

and it was fun to go and see all the little splashes of color popping up

There is just so much beauty & inspiration inside this little place…

If I am ever having a hard time organizing my thoughts or need a breather, this place is always first on my list…it is magical.

And can make you feel like you are in your own little world

The fact that this beautiful place is where my sister and her husband exchanged their vows and “i do’s” may have something to do with my love of the area.


Henry, my little photographer, even captured a picture of me on this day.

Don’t you just love kid’s perspectives?  Here is one where he actually was able to capture the top of my head.

I must say, though, with all this beautiful weather…not much has been happening on the project front.  I am nowhere near finishing painting our living room.  And for those of you who are wondering, Sam did eventually figure it out…totally my fault…I left the computer out with my blog page open free to read.  I came out from putting Oliver down and he was already halfway through the post.  Shame on me.  Would it be bad to say that this little fact has taken some of the fun out of painting the room?   Maybe it will rain and force me to stay inside and paint…not that I am wishing for bad weather.  Until that happens, we will be doing a lot of this

and this

Bottom line…we are just going to thoroughly enjoy getting spoiled.


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