A Boxwood Wreath Tutorial: Who knew a little sprucing up could create this?

I had no intention of making a fun lil Spring wreath even though it was something that I had always wanted to have in the past.  

Every year around this time, we head out to a nursery to get some pretties for our planters out front.  I love to have little punches of color in our planters and every year we do something a little different while we anxiously await for the hydrangeas, knock out roses, and lilacs to begin blooming in our front garden.  Sam and I are notorious for going out too early and purchasing all of our flowers only to have to protect them from the big bad frost that always creeps in after our flower shopping spree.  But when everything starts greening up, I can’t help myself from taking my planters from blah to bangin.

This year was no different…we went to THE BEST place to get your flurs (as Henry likes to call them)

If you live in or near Columbia, you have to visit this place.  Flowers as far as the eye can see.

They appear to go on forever.  Seriously, it is amazing.  This is one of those places where one wouldn’t even have to pay me to work there…although, I don’t necessarily have the greenest thumb so they may not want me there putting all of their beauties at risk.   I am trying to learn, though, because everyone else in my family was blessed with a gardener’s gene and the last thing I would want to do is tarnish my family’s name…I mean, c’mon, right?

These guys below were eyeing us from the moment we walked in the greenhouse so we got 3 of them even though we were told that they could be a touch fickle…

We rushed home with our goodies and got busy “springifying” our front.  Sam thought that our three boxwoods needed some trimming so he got to work.

Our little angel who sits between the boxwoods got covered…it was as I was taking this picture of her with her little blanket full of trimmings, that I thought why not recycle these into something?  

So take the leftover trimmings, toss in some yellow spray paint, add a wood letter or some fabric and, hot diggety dog, you’ve got yourself a fun Spring wreath with some color that packs a little punch.

If you are wanting to duplicate this for yourself, here is what you will need:

  • boxwood trimmings
  • wreath (I used the straw wreath ~$4)
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • spray paint in any color that screams Spring to you
  • wood letter in a size that fits in the center of your wreath (I had this “B” sitting around forever just asking to be used for something)
  • something to tie the letter to the wreath (in my case, I used fishing line because it was sitting in our garage with all my husbands fishing gear)

First, I took all the boxwood trimmings and laid them out on a drop cloth in our garage to dry out for a day or two.  They were such a beautiful green and I really wanted to leave them as they were, but was too nervous that they would start to brown.  So after a couple of days, I sprayed them lightly in some yellow spray paint….Kyrlon’s Sun Yellow in gloss to be exact.  I did the same to the straw wreath.

Once everything is dry grab your hot glue gun and start gluing the trimmings on around your wreath.  

I just kind of lined them up at an angle and filled in spots as I went.  After burning myself one too many times, I ended up using a glue stick to hold the pieces in place while the glue dried.

This part took me about 45 minutes or so…I was only concerned with covering the front and sides of the wreath because I knew it was going to be hanging against the door.  But, you can do as you wish.  There were a few holes that I was easily able to go back and fill in.

You don’t have to limit yourself just to a wreath either, they had some great topiaries at the craft store that would have been so fun to do as well.

Once the wreath was full enough in my eyes, I did a couple more coats of spray paint making sure I got it evenly at all angles.  Then I took my letter B and spray painted it in a fun lavender blue because I had that color on hand.  Once everything was dry to the touch, I tied it around the center and hung it on the front door.

I may have to go back to Strawberry Hill and get a couple more yellow flowers to tie everything together.  You know how I like to coordinate.  I have no idea how long this baby will last, but it has a way of bringing a smile to my face every time I see it so it’s worth it, right?

I will be sharing this over at the fun party that Whitney and Dustin host…they are such a fabulous duo and I dig their blog…


10 thoughts on “A Boxwood Wreath Tutorial: Who knew a little sprucing up could create this?

  1. Great tutorial! Hubby trimmed the bushes a couple of weeks ago and it never occurred to me to save the trimmings. Rats. But the good news is that there are more bushes to trim! Will get on that right away. : P And I second your opinion about Strawberry Hill Farms…the BEST for flowers around here! Aren’t we lucky!

    • Thanks Debbie! & I’m proud to say that it has held up really well so far, too! So, were you able to get your hands on some chalk paint???

      • NO! I haven’t done anything with that yet, but have been dying to. I got my laundry room re-do finished and then had to put the kibosh on any future projects so I could focus on a birthday, a confirmation and a graduation. Yikes! Will be happy to start playing again. Where do you get your chalk paint from? I’m assuming Murph still hasn’t been able to carry it yet….

      • I really love getting it from http://www.bestfurniturepaint.com Patty is so incredibly helpful, but the shipping does hike up the price. There is a store in St Louis that carries it called Wood Icing. So, if you are ever there you can pick it up and not have to worry about the shipping. They told Murph that he would not be able to carry it because he was such a big store. There are several of us that try to order all together to save on shipping so if you ever want to try it, just let me know!

      • Hi Jesse, thanks! That would be great! I did some virtual shopping last night, and would definitely be interested in putting in an order. There’s no hurry, so just let me know when others are ready and I’ll join you!

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