A lil Thursday Thrifting

I just had to share some treasures that I found today while thrifting at our Goodwill…love that place.  There are a ton of places to go to here in Columbia, but I only had about 30 minutes to kill so I hit the closest one to me…

Score #1

I have a thing for owls…I think our whole family does & I am seeing them everywhere so apparently the rest of the world does, too.  As soon as I saw this original owl print, (at Goodwill for $3???!!!) I knew he was coming home with me.  It must have been my lucky day because when I got home and googled the artist, I found out that Charles Schwartz was one of Missouri’s finest and nationally recognized wildlife artists.  I loved reading that he and his wife met while attending University of Missouri (my alma mater).

Score #2

This is the cutest little end table and will serve perfectly as Henry’s new bedside table for his big boy room.  I have some exciting plans for this lil $20 find. Solid wood, too, and in great shape. I couldn’t find a single scratch or blemish on this dude.

Score #3

These were the first thing I noticed when I walked to the back of the store.  A set of 8 hammered grayish amber drinking glasses.  How’s that for a description, huh?  But, they are gorgeous, in my opinion, and for a $1 each?  Ummm….ya, I’ll take them.

Can you tell I’m having a ball with my new PictureShow App?  If you like taking pictures and playing around with effects, I highly recommend it.  It’s less than $2, too!

Stay tuned to see what all I do with these finds.  I know, I know…more projects…well, at least the drinking glasses don’t need any work, right?  Have you found any great steals lately???  What stores are your favorites for thrifting?  That is, if you’ll share your secrets!


One thought on “A lil Thursday Thrifting

  1. I love shopping at a Flea Market near my work just off Chestnut Expressway by Fremont. Pretty shop, great booths. Jesse you are amazing

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