Operation Garage Organization

First off, let me warn you for what you are about to see…it is pure craziness and definitely not “pinnable”…this unfortunately is was our garage… (I’m screaming right now as I am showing you these)  But, I do love a before and after

Why, yes, that is a camouflage golf cart…and yep, lots and lots of trash.

Looking back at the chaos in these photos, I wish I could have said there was a method to my madness, but unfortunately, there was none.  It was just a mess, plain and simple.  My painting supplies, sanders, and tools were literally everywhere.  You think I’m joking.  Need a screwdriver?  Good luck.  How about a hammer?  Try the armoire.  Ummm….yes we have an armoire in our garage that holds loads and loads of tools.

Lovely, isn’t it?  And safe, too, right?  We did have a piece of wire wrapped around the door handles so no child could open it…yep, nothing but high tech over here, boy.  Now, I’ve always thought of myself as somewhat organized, so this, this was just throwing me for a loop every time I walked through the garage.  Am I organized or am I a hoarder?  Hmmm…tough call, but by the look of these pictures, one would have to go with the latter.

We all know that time is a precious thing, and I started to feel like I was wasting so much of it when I would have to spend 20 minutes searching for a certain tool to finish a project.  And while I was being super inefficient, I was also losing my mind.  I kept thinking we were losing items, like tape measures, and as many of you know, anytime you lose something and are ransacking an area to find it, it’s easy to explode to a whole new level of frustration.

So, when I spotted these workbenches and storage units at Sam’s, I raced home and made Sam Sam the one who has to put it all together man go back up to the store to check it out.   Now, these were definitely a little more than we had originally wanted to spend in the effort of Operation Garage Organization, but they were so much cheaper than anything we had seen at other stores.  Originally, I had thought I could build  Sam could put some nails into wood and make me a great workbench and then we could reuse some old kitchen cabinets to create some much needed storage.  I had always imagined that we’d set a $200 budget and then come up with something fabulous.  Ahhh…what big dreams I had.

Upon hearing my big dreams, Sam Sam the super smart man quickly threw everything we needed onto our monster cart, told me to pull the truck around to the side pick up lane and sprinted to the check out line.  Just picture him running and imagine the sound of a car peeling out with tons of smoke coming out from behind it.  That’s what my sweet husband looked like.  Apparently, he didn’t think it would be as much fun to repurpose items for the garage.

Several hours later with a few Colada Collisions thrown in, thanks to my trusty Vitamix, everything was put together and we realized that we were owners to not only a new garage organizational unit but to several tape measures, too.  Found them in that dreadful armoire.

And now for the after.

Better, right?  So, I am happy everything now has it’s place in the garage and now I can go back to believing that I am organized…sweet bliss.


4 thoughts on “Operation Garage Organization

  1. I just LOVE reading your blogs! I have a request…can you talk more about the Vitamix? Maybe it can be one of your upcoming topics? 🙂

    I’m one of those people who has been looking for an appliance like that and I’m a little scared to spend the money if it doesn’t work as well as I’d like. Which model do you have? Do the machines juice? I’m interested in using both the hot and cold whole food options. My goal to ultimate health could really use a machine like the Vitamix! I’ve looked into the HealthMaster by Montel but the reviews I read weren’t great, so opted out. I’d love to know your thoughts! THANK YOU! Tabetha

    • You have the most organized of them all!!!! You know him as your husband, but he also goes by the name Hootie, Butthead, Bibleman, Laundry man, Steve, Dale, Rudy, Stimpy, & maybe sometimes Chip.

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