Since I’m talking about things I like & all

Apparently some of you have been living under a rock and have no idea about Duck Dynasty!  Instead of telling you that you might wet your pants or cry from laughing so hard, I’m just going to list off my top 10 favorite quotes.

Duck Dynasty


#10.  “If you’re drivin down the road and you look over and see a truck in the middle of a field, you know what happened.. Liberation.” – Jase

#9.  “Oh, we’ll just live off love…nope, not really, you’ll starve to death” – Phil

#8.  “I don’t do the restaurant gigs, noooo, especially not in the middle of a beaver killing.” -Phil

#7. “Too many days in the subdivision.  Snakes fall out of trees, you go a-runnin.” -Phil

#6.  “Hey look here beavers, you better hide your wives, hide your husbands, and look here both of ya hide your kids because we are comin” – Si

#5.  “What Willie needs to do…if he wants to be more productive…is fire all of us” – Jase

#4.  “There is a fine line between insanity and coping with your daughter dating.” – Jase

#3.  “I think it’s supposed to be like a stream going through mountains, not an old man easing into a bath.” – Willie

#2. “My top 10 dumbest things I’ve done in my life have all included Si in some way.” – Jase

#1. “First it’s pretty tires, then it’s pretty guns…next thing you know, you’re shavin’ your beard and wearin’ capri pants.” – Si

And if that’s still not enough to convince you to check it out, I’ve included a video for your viewing pleasure…


2 thoughts on “Since I’m talking about things I like & all

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Duck Dynasty! I came across this little show a while back and was telling everyone at work they had to watch it!

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