Henry’s Room Redo

Oh it’s begun…

finally.  I’ve only had the wallpaper since April.  Lord.  I think what is so hard about working on this room is that my free time goes hand in hand with the kids’ naptimes.  Henry isn’t really taking naps anymore, but he still has quiet time.  That boy is a creature of habit and wants quiet time to take place in his room…not my room, not the living room, not the office…he.wants.his.room.  And he does not want me in there painting during his quiet time.  So, needless to say, it’s turned out to be quite the project.

But, today, today the stars aligned.  The boys were playing so well this morning that I decided to just jump in and get what I could done in between the chaos that can sometimes be our day.  I was pretty impressed because not only did I get the holes filled, but I almost got the entire first coat on the walls.  It’s out with the green and in with the…white?

Yep, I’m painting Henry’s room in Benjamin Moore’s Natural Wicker.  But, don’t worry, this room is going to be anything but plain jane.

Here is a little glimpse of the plans I have for this room.  It’s been so much fun to do something a little different and picking Henry’s brain about what he wants in his new “bigger boy” room.  So far, he has requested lots and lots of color, all his toys in there, a place for his books, somewhere to color & paint, and I cannot forget the simple request for the “deer head like Daddy’s”.  Oh no…it’s already started…these boys and their deer heads!?!?  After hearing all of this, this is what I threw together as inspiration.

Hopefully the second coat of paint will be up by this weekend and then I can get moving with the wallpaper?!?!?  Wallpapering isn’t hard, right?  😉


8 thoughts on “Henry’s Room Redo

  1. Jessie, hate to tell you this since you’ve finally committed to a wallpaper and purchased it, but wallcovering that is repositionable, can be removed without damage to the wall plus you can repurpose it, would make the job a lot easier and quicker. Oh well, maybe next time!

    • I know, Lorre Lei! I’m definitely loving the idea of the repositionable wallpaper! There are several I really like, too! I’ve still got our bathroom, master bedroom, & entryway to redo eventually, so maybe in one of those rooms!

  2. I can’t wait to see the end result!!! I soooo want to get Avery’s room done this summer. But I don’t even know where to start. I need to have you over to pick your brain!

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