Shopping that will make you feel good: Nkuku & Sari Bari

I love discovering new companies, new products, especially if they have anything to do with home decor.  I stumbled upon two companies today while out shopping downtown at Mustard Seed Fair Trade and had to share.  What makes these two companies even better is the story behind the products.  Nkuku specializes in stylish, eco-friendly and fair trade gifts.  The company was founded after a year of traveling in Africa and India and witnessing artisans and their astounding skills.  Seeing the challenging living standards and restricted opportunities firsthand, their objective evolved to promote and develop the traditional skills of these artisans and to bring their work to the UK market through wholesale and retail channels.  My favorite product is their enamelware…I love the vibrant colors.  Aren’t they fun and perfect for summer?

I think this pitcher and glass set would go perfectly in my kitchen and the fact that the boys cannot break them is definitely a plus.
And these bowls?  I want them all.   Wouldn’t they make a perfect hostess gift…I would be thrilled to receive one of these instead of the usual bottle of wine.
But, Nkuku has so much more than just enamelware.  They have beautiful journals for those of you who like to write down your thoughts.
Nkuku journals
The most goooorgeous throws, most of which are made from recycled wool.
Nkuku throws
Bags, storage baskets, and tableware galore.  Absolutely stunning pieces.
 If you are needing a unique gift, go check them out.  You won’t be disappointed.  The other company I have to tell you about is Sari Bari.   Sari Bari makes and sells beautiful, handmade, vintage sari products, but it is so much more than that. The heart of Sari Bari is its women survivors of Kolkata’s red light areas who have taken brave steps into new life, freedom and hope.  They offer a wide variety of products such as throws, pillows, table runners and bed covers.
Their sari blankets had me at first sight, and let me tell you, it was a nice cool 103 degrees outside.  The last thing anyone wants in the middle of a summer day in Missouri is a blanket, but I was this close to walking out of that store with one.  They were oh so soft and had the most perfect “weight” to them.
Each Sari Bari product is marked with the name of the woman who made it and with your purchase you become a part of her freedom story.  Isn’t that amazing.  You can read more about these incredible women here.
Have any of you recently stumbled upon a new company or product that you love and want to share?  Please do, I’d love to hear.  Oh, and by the way, I am not getting compensated in any way to share these two companies with you.  I just happened to see some of their products today and thought they were pretty fabulous.  What do you think, pretty, right?



3 thoughts on “Shopping that will make you feel good: Nkuku & Sari Bari

  1. Mr Avery loves those bowls as well!! I took the kids downtown to pick out their own gifts to give aunt Stacey for her birthday and Aves picked the grey bowel with the birds on it!! Along with some painted eggs he told her she had to keep in the bowl, all from The Mustard Seed.

  2. Jessie, are the Sari quilts available at Mustard Seed? I am in the process of trying to find bedding for London’s new room with the inspiration you gave me last year.

    • Robyn, they are gorgeous & would look so cute in a little girls room! They only had the throws, but did say that they would be getting more items in soon! I believe with those you can purchase them online, but I love Mustard Seed so it might be something you want to call & see if she can get it in for you! I almost went back today to get a throw…I cannot stop thinking about them! 😀

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