What I like to do for fun…moodboard for The Roberts

Some friends of ours recently moved back to Texas (boo).  Not boo to Texas, boo to them leaving.  They bought a gorgeous home and have been busy trying to get settled in.   I had texted her to see how things were going & our conversation went like this…

Me:  R u guys settled n?  We drove by your old house…it was so sad 😦 but I know u guys have to b so happy!!!  How’s the rest of the house coming?  You will have to send pics!

Mendy: We have a long way to go….so many boxes!  I have no idea how to decorate!!! 🙂 Wish u were here to help!

First, off, yep, my grammar and overuse of the … and explanation point is just as bad in texts as it is on here.  And Mendy lied…she does know how to decorate…her home here was beautiful, but I know how moving into a blank slate can be a touch overwhelming.  On one hand, you want to get everything unpacked, but you also want the rooms to come together and the space to look like what you picture in your head.

Me:  I would be more than happy to do a moodboard 4 u!  & u have such a good eye!  Your house here was awesome.  

Me: This one will be 2!

Me: Awesome, that is 😉

Mendy:  Awe, thanks!  What’s a moodboard?

Me: It’s a collage of items that I can put together for u to kind of visualize a room.

Mendy:  Sounds awesome!

Me:  We can start with a room in ur new house!!! Just send me pics!  So fun!!! (me clapping)

Mendy:  Me clapping too!!!!!!!!!!

See Mendy and I were destined to be friends…she shares my problem with exclamation points and when we get excited we squeal/scream and clap our hands together.  Apparantly, we are like seals???

So, she sent me some pictures of her living room and I had fun pulling some items together to create her moodboard.  You wanna see it?  Fair warning: I am definitely no interior master decorator by any stretch of the imagination, but I love trying to tackle a room and always have fun pairing up items.

So here are the pics that Mendy sent me

Isn’t that fireplace ridiculous?  I told Mendy that I wanted it.  And the dark wood mantel, too.  The last picture she sent me was the TV wall.

She has the Gabrielle rug from Pottery Barn and so I pulled colors from it as a starting point.

I thought the wall that the television was on could use a little more umphf and did a TERRIBLE job at photoshopping this brighter lighter media unit into her picture.  And yes, that would be my interpretation of a gallery wall, too.  Good artist, I know.

So, if you couldn’t gather from my wonderful drawing, with the media unit in place, I thought the other wall would be a great place for a thin console table with a couple lamps and a gallery wall behind it.  Something arranged kind of like this.


I also suggested maybe getting rid of the coffee table and getting a wonderful tufted ottoman instead…one with storage would be even better since I know how many toys come with two sweet kids.  She had also mentioned that they wanted to paint the room and we both thought a grey with the most subtle hint of blue would be fabulous.  Don’t you want to see what they decide to do?  You guys know how I love a good before and after.  Well, I am happy to say that they have already started working on the room and got several things from the moodboard.  She has sent me pictures and it is looking amazing!  I will be sure to share when they finish!  Thanks for letting me play, Mendy and James!!!


3 thoughts on “What I like to do for fun…moodboard for The Roberts

  1. This is hilarious to me because I am in the middle of designing a mood board for my friend who lives 3 hours away! They are re-doing their bedroom and wanted some ideas. It must be mood board day!

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