A Sneak Peek

I thought I would share a few sneak peeks into our weekend…it was quite a couple of days. We started some projects that have been on our never ending “to do” list, finished some projects, and of course, we managed to squeeze in some fun for the boys, too.

I am so excited to finally be doing something with these. I’ve had them for over two months…I promise I’ll share more about these guys soon!

After finishing up all these chairs on Saturday,

I was itching to paint with a bolder brighter color…enter this desk

and Annie Sloan’s new chalk paint color Florence. This is after just one coat. Yea, it’s anything but shy.

And, this just goes to show you, that if I can do this, anyone can…must remember to put the lids somewhere other than on the floor.

Even Sam Sam the hunting man, got in on the painting action. He is building a tree stand for deer season & “camouflaged” the outside of what will soon be his hunting “house”.

He has big plans for it, too…carpet, swivel chairs…he’s insane. 😉 Just last week he was making fun of my stash of spray paint (even taking a picture of it & mocking me)

See, honey, wasn’t it nice to have all the colors you needed without having to run to the store? You married such a schmart woman.

Instead of eating his words & openly regretting his mocking ways, he kindly offered to hang the new light fixture I made by combining these two things

into this

This cost me all of $21…much better than the orb fixture that gave me the inspiration at Restoration Hardware for $595. Whaaaa!?!


This fixture is for Henry’s room. We decided to take the fan outta there considering it doesn’t mix so well with his allergies. So here is his room with the fan

and the room without the fan. It was crazy how much larger his room felt as soon as we took it down. So.much.better.

You will have to wait for the grand room reveal to see the new fixture up…soon, I promise!  I hate to say this, but this lil project does have me wanting to take the fans out of the other bedrooms. Eeeek…I’ll hold off on telling Sam that little detail. One thing at a time…

I also managed to buy the beauty pictured above off Craigslist for $40.  Funny thing happened with this piece…it was actually posted by a good friend of mine! Thanks, Michele!!! I think it is going to be perfect at storing all my sewing supplies & my growing fabric stash (it is getting a little out of control). What can I say? I love fabric…this post here had me scheming of how I could squeeze in a road trip to North Carolina to visit Mary Jo’s fabric store.  If anyone knows of a great fabric store closer to Missouri, PLEASE let me know.  One that carries a wide variety of upholstery fabric would be fantastic…but back to Craigslist…I am so sad that I missed out on this piece

I hesitated for a few days & finally decided it would be perfect for our house…not to mention, it was an arm & a leg cheaper than anything else we had seen. So I texted the “poster” & they hit me back with words that stung

“I’m sorry, we just sold it this morning”

Ouch. After beating myself up for not texting them sooner, I tried to convince myself that something even better will come along with the crazy dimensions we need & at a ridiculously low price. Key word…tried. I’m still not sure if I believe it.

Then to throw something completely random into this already random post…I pinned the most beautiful picture…isn’t it gorgeous???

Elephants indigo and yellow


What about this?

Ya, not so gorgeous, right? This is how our kitchen looked when we got back from getting ice cream for the boys one night. Our other boys, Cooper & Ombre, apparently couldn’t resist the ribeyes that were in the trash. They somehow managed to get past the children’s lock that majority of adults cannot figure out.  But, this is no new thing for them. They typically can be caught doing this a few times a year. The last time was about 6 months ago which we like to refer to as Cooper & Ombre vs. Economy size Mac n cheese. The Mac n cheese lost.

But, these two boys are spoiled because we still took them swimming at the pond. We.are.suckers.

Finally what better way to end our weekend than hanging out with the neighbors & letting the kids be kids.

They ran and played on the slip and slide, pants falling down and all.

Walked around with red popsicle lips

and gave sweet kisses with those red popsicle lips

I cannot believe summer is already halfway over…we really have been enjoying ourselves.

And if you’ve made it this far, you might be thinking to yourself that we got a lot accomplished this weekend…people have said that sometimes when reading blogs & seeing what others are getting done, it can make them start to feel bad about themselves & what they did not do. I never want anyone to feel like that when they visit here so just know this weekend our house was trashed, laundry did not get done, we may or may not have eaten out as much as we cooked and ate in, and I caved on giving up coffee…made it a whole 5 days, people.  Seriously, I have a problem.  I am weak…

Awww, but it feels so good.


14 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek

  1. Wow! What a busy weekend! All good stuff. Your kids are adorable! Love the pic of you with your cup at the end. Please tell me you are doing a gallery wall with those botanical prints. The light fixture is genius. So talented! Happy Monday! Kristin

    • Thanks, lady! I AM doing a gallery wall! I have wanted to do one for SOOOO long and I am so excited to finally have one. Although, I may have to send you my moodboard for the office (where they are hanging and see your thoughts!) I love everything you do and you have such a good eye!

  2. Your friend Michele must be a rock star ! LOL….can’t wait to see the cabinet all done up by my favorite blogger! You are rocking the projects 🙂 Keep up the great work! Paint on sista.

  3. I loved the pic of the light fixture when you showed it to me on your phone. HOWEVER, i DID NOT know that you MADE it. It was great being friends, but I don’t think I can hang out with you anymore….:)

  4. Jesse, you made that light fixture!!! I was so impressed when I was playing “rescue mission” with Henry and Ahber. Geeez Jess, you r talented. Love ya, mom

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  6. Jesse! Your boys are sooooo cute—-Henry’s eyes and eyelashes…..seriously??!! Love seeing all your projects….love the new Annie Sloan paint color, too!! Hmmmmm…. We drove through your lovely town on our way to St. Louis this week—-thought of you!! Hope all is well!! Have you ever gone to Restoration Emporium in the KC West Bottoms??? Seems a place you would LOOOVEEE! You can check it out on Facebook…it’s open the first Friday-Saturday of every month. I’ve been wanting to check it out and never have! 2 of my friends from church have space there!!! Maybe we could go sometime???

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