Beam me up Scotty


I am the last person on Earth that should be referencing Star Trek as I have never watched a single episode, but  Not to mention that every time I say it, I use what I would call “my weird version of Sean Connery’s voice”…I have no idea why, and yes, it is super strange.  Blame it on the giddiness.  I have wanted wood beams for the longest time and now that we finally bit the bullet and installed them, I’m on cloud 50. Here is the before…


And the after…


We always knew that we wanted to add some architectural details to the living room.  At first, we were thinking of installing the real deal, and by that I mean solid wood beams.  Yes, believe it or not, the ones in the picture above are impostors, posers, fakes…or faux, as I should say.


But, they are the best fakers in the world.  Even up close they look exactly like real wood.


They are from Arizona Faux Beams, who just so happens to be one of the leading providers of faux wooden beams.

AZ Faux Beams Logo

They have been featured on DIY Network, HGTV and even Jay Leno has them in his home.


These realistic beams are actually made out of a high density polyurethane and are incredibly lightweight.  We ordered the 8x10x16 sandblasted beams and Sam looked like the world’s strongest man carrying one of them into our garage.  Since they are not the real deal, you do not have to worry about them drying out, cracking, or splitting.  Absolutely no worrying about pesky termites, either.  And because they are so lightweight, they are super easy to install, and cheaper to ship.  Plus, I never have to worry about a 600 lb. beam falling on anyone.  Yes, that is something that I actually worry about.  I only wish I was joking. 😉


Sam’s cousin, Justin, came down to help us him install them.  (I only snapped photos of their hard work while continuously telling them to be careful…I mean look at what he is standing on over our stairs.  Don’t worry…he is a professional and assured us that he’s done worse.  I cannot imagine.)


They were such good sports and had all 6 beams up in about 8 hours, which, in my book, was really fast!  All they had to do was follow the handy videos that were on AZ’s website provided by Superior Building Supply, who manufactures the beams.


We are beyond happy with the final result.  From start to finish, this was one project that Sam and I had so much fun completing and, David, at Arizona Faux Beams couldn’t have been nicer to work with.


I highly recommend checking out their products if you are in the market.  They not only carry faux beams, but they also carry decorative rafter tails, corbels, mantels, and faux stone panels.  Check them out and let them know Scout & Nimble sent ya!  😉  ***I get no benefit from Arizona Faux Beams…I just like to highlight companies that surpass my expectation and have incredible customer service.


Not to mention, the boxes that the beams arrive in make the best toys.  Our boys built an enormous maze in our backyard that kept them entertained for hours.


So, that was definitely a perk we were not expecting.  Now, I’m off to find some deals on a new light fixture for the room.  I’m thinking maybe a lantern…

or two. 😉

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8 thoughts on “Beam me up Scotty

    • Thanks Kristin!! It really was one of the more “stress free” projects we have taken on! Sam was thrilled that it was even easier than he anticipated & he even said that they looked better than he had imagined they would. Maybe the next project will take even less convincing! 😉

  1. I am amazed at how much of a difference those beams made in your already way cool living room space. It doesn’t even look like the same place! Those beams are wonderful. The perfect touch to bring character and depth into this wonderful space. Sam looks great with the tool belt. Very macho.

  2. Holy cow Jesse, I have been waiting for these before and after photos! This may be the best makeover you have done so far. I can’t believe how much character it adds to your house. They look absolutely amazing. I would be on Cloud 50 too. Very, very impressed! I love that you found a company that makes faux beams too. Keeps that project more environmentally friendly by not having to chop down the trees, shipping costs, etc. Love it!

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