An Update on our Water Campaign

Remember this post & campaign?  I was blown away by all of the support that came in for Scout & Nimble’s clean water campaign through charity: water and I don’t know a better time of year to reiterate a HUGE thank you to all of you who donated, prayed, and made a difference.

You wanna know where our money is right now??? Map highlighting Ethiopia and Nepal

That’s right! I just got an update from charity: water and they are putting our dollars to work on water projects in Ethiopia & Nepal.  We will know more details of exactly where our funds went within these countries down the road…remember we are still fairly early in our journey.


You are currently at the 3-6 months step in the 18 month process
We send
your money
to the field.
Our partners
get permits,
supplies, pick
sites & begin
the work.
Our partners
collect midterm
reports & send
us the
Our partners
finish the work
& train the
communities to
manage their
water point.
12-15 MONTHS
Our partners
collect final
photos, GPS
& community
15-18 MONTHS
We receive
completion reports,
verify the data,
assign your dollars
to projects & send
you your report.


One of the reasons I choose to work through charity: water is that 100% of public donations are used to fund clean water projects.  (All the overhead costs are covered by foundations, sponsors, and donors who choose to help with operational funding.)  So that means all the money we raised back in March goes directly into the field.  It’s pretty amazing.  I’ll definitely keep you up to date as I hear more.  And if you want to see what charity: water is all about, you can learn more about their mission here!