Who’s shopping?

I am thoroughly enjoying this Cyber Monday…are you?


Turkey Day

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We are still somewhat in a turkey coma and had an unbelievable time with our family and friends.  We slept too little, ate too much, and laughed until we cried.

So many funny moments that I know will become stories we’ll talk about at future get togethers.  Whether we were dancing, playing basketball, catching up with the best of old friends, every single moment was enjoyed…which is how the holidays should be, right?

Whose ready for Christmas? 😉

Thank you Mom & Dad for hosting yet another fabulous Thanksgiving for all of us!  You two are just the best…love you so so much.




The store that will break you

Oh, Target, target, target.  Why do you have to tempt me with all of your fabulous products?  I had a few free minutes the other day and thought

I’ll just take a quick run through Target.  I won’t buy anything.  I’ll just take a peek at some of the new Fall items.

Famous last words.  Duh.  I should know by now that whenever I am “just looking”, that is always the time that I see the most amazing things.  And when I go to the store looking for something specific, I usually end up coming home empty handed.  I guess that’s just the way it goes, but let this be a warning to you all.  If you are trying to refrain from extra purchases, DO.NOT.GO.TO.TARGET.  They are expert tempters and even the most will powered individual will begin to falter.  I snapped a few pics of things that caught my eye and figured I’d share.  Maybe you will feel as though you’ve been there and I can help you keep those precious dollars in your wallet.  It’s worth a shot, right?  Oooooorrrrrr, I suppose that you might see something on here that you cannot live without so you rush up to Target to purchase “the certain something” and then whatdoyouknow, I ended up costing you money.  Argh…plan backfire.  I apologize to you now in advance.

First up is that crazy dollar section that always has something that you would never go out to specifically buy, but always end up needing.  For instance, like these ramekins…in fall colors!?!   

This product can bring on thoughts such as these…I’ve been wanting to make creme brûlée desserts?!?  Now, I just need the blowtorch thingy.  {I realize those last two sentences sound insane, but that is actually what went through my mind whilst standing in the dollar section eyeing these cute ramekins}  Good on ya, Target…you hooked me.  I kind of imagine the owners of Target coming up with this idea and then watching people like me struggle and eventually giving in all while “another one bites the dust” is blaring in the background.  Seriously.  Close your eyes and run past this section.

However, if you did this you would totally get taken down by the women’s apparel section. Let’s just say that I saw so many cute things.  I somehow ended up with two dressesKirna Zabete for Target® Zip Front Sleeveless Tweed/Faux Leather Dress in Black/White

Xhilaration® Juniors Strappy Peplum Dress - Black with Art Deco Border

and a lovely ultra soft cardigan

Mossimo® Women's Ultra Soft Cocoon Cardigan - Assorted Colors

in my orange cart next to my very fallish ramekins.  But, check out who else has the tweed dress above…not how I imagined wearing it, but ok…SJP and I have the same dress???

Then, I ventured over into the home decor section.  I figured I was getting a big fat “F” on my no shopping trip so I might as well take it on home.  After a few aisles, I think my head spun around 20 times and then exploded.  Everywhere I looked, there was something that was fabulous.  I held my phone tightly and managed to not put anything else in my cart, but it was tough.  These rugs were only $12 and screamed fall and cozy.  I thought they looked so much more expensive, too.

And this bedding.

It makes me want to go out and buy these (click on image for link) to go on it.


I was digging these orange tribal flannel sheet set.  Only $24.99.

And these about broke me because I have been looking for something like these for our master bath.

But, we have not even begun to budget for our master bath makeover.  And for those of you who like to DIY and redo rooms, following a budget is really necessary. One of them was on clearance so I’m secretly hoping that they end up on the Goodwill aisle (doubtful, but I can still hope).

Check out this geometric lampshade.  How fun is that?

This little owl

reminded me of the one I scored from Goodwill for $2.

I spray painted him gold.  For some reason, I don’t have a picture of him with his new color, but you can imagine what he looks like…cute.

And how cute is this journal?

I am a such a pencil and paper girl.  As much as I love all the technology, there is just something I <heart> about writing down my thoughts, making notes, jotting down “to do” lists, or scribbling quotes that inspire me.  And I have far too many journals at the house.  Not kidding.  There are probably no less than 6.  As much as I loved this journal, I did not NEED it.  But, I am thinking about painting one of my pumpkins in this pattern.  Don’t you think that would be fun?  Add it to my things to do… :/

I was on my way to the register when I stopped to get a birthday card and about wet my pants.  

Something about these cards made me laugh so hard.  You know the kind of laugh that you try to hold back and then it comes out with so much pressure that it sound more like a snort.  I would try to stop laughing only to do it again as soon as my eyes caught another one.

Still looking at them here makes me laugh out loud.  I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who has a twisted sense of humor.

I only posted three, but there are tons!  If you are ever having a bad day, go check out these cards.  I guarantee a laugh or two.

So a “just take a look-not going to buy anything” really turned into “I got 2 new dresses, a cardigan and some ramekins” trip.  Not too bad for Target.  It could have been way way worse.


Is there even such a thing???  These past few weeks have been insane and I keep thinking

we’re just getting back into the swing of a routine…

once this project is finished, things will go back to normal

but, I think this is our new normal.  Utter chaos.  Through this chaos, I have realized that I.cannot.do.it.all.  I need help.  I need to let things go, which might involve taking the easy road every once in awhile.  This can be rather difficult for me to do considering I tend to have supermom expectations set for myself.  So, I do what I do best…I resist giving in, resist the urge to give up control, resist asking for help until I find myself in tears feeling like I am being ungrateful and missing the big picture in life.  Finally, I wise up…I throw up my hands and surrender becoming fully aware of my limitations.  Amazingly enough, after this everything gets better.  Only after letting go, am I able to slow down and enjoy those little ‘in between’ moments.  

Even when those in between moments look like this…

I begin to, once again, discover the beauty in things…things that just a day earlier I would have passed without a second thought.

It’s amazing how once our cup is filled, we are able to move forward with a better perspective. So, sorry, I’ve been MIA…I’ve just been trying to get my head around enjoying our new normal.

My Latest Steals

I just wanted to pop in and show a few of my latest steals.  I actually went looking for a chandelier that I could fix up and I scored big time finding this enormous guy. Check it…it’s taller than the 100 lb. Cooper dog.  Wanna know how much it cost me?


I know!?!  I’m high fiving you right now!  I was so happy that I drove all the way across town with a smile as big as the chandy on my face.  I may have even been dancing and singing….loudly…even at the stoplights…with people watching me.  I was that happy…ya, it doesn’t take a lot.  😉

Then, I ran into another thrift store just to peek around.  I already scored big time (in my book) so I wasn’t expecting to find anything and was about to walk out when this photograph of a barn caught my eye.


There was just something about the barn print that I loved.  I noticed a sticker on it that said #2 of 35 $190.  I asked about the prints and was informed that It was taken by a MU professor that had a passion for photography.  There were several originals and the owner of the store said he would sell me 2 prints for $25.  Ummm…hold on and let me think about this.  Two rather large prints that I was really drawn to, that are unlike anything that anyone else has?  Sold!!! to the crazy lady with the gigantor brass chandelier in the back of her car.

Sam never knows what to expect to see in the back of my car when I pull up.  No one can say that I’m predictable and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  Now, I’m off to enjoy my caffeine and to a little light reading.  Inspiration at my fingertips…love it.


And yes, I do like a little coffee in my cream…in case you were wondering.

A Snippet into my Day: A video of a major Henry-ism

My Henry has the hardest time making up his mind.  After about 5 minutes of watching this first hand, I decided that I had to get video of it.  You can feel sorry for me because this is what happens ANY and EVERY time we let him pick a toy, but I think I really feel sorry for his future spouse and his future kids.  Can you imagine???  I love you, Henry.