Updates to Scout & Nimble, Progress to Master Bedroom and Thrifty Finds!

makeover in real time

****Before I get to the makeover, you may have noticed that my lil slice of the web here looks a little different.  We are making some updates to Scout & Nimble’s look so bear with me through this transition.  I’m hoping to make it easier on you, my incredible readers and supporters, to navigate through the tutorials, past posts and projects.  To say that I appreciate every single one of you who visits this blog is a huge understatement.  Thank you, thank you, thank you…and I hope you enjoy the new look and soon to come new features.****

Some progress has been made on the master bedroom…not a lot…but since I’m doing this redo for you in real time, I thought I’d share even the slightest improvement.  I decided last week it was time to start painting.  As you saw in this post, in my dream world, I would dress the walls in this fine paper.


But, unfortunately, my dream world does not equal my reality.  Plus, I was hoping to stay under a $400 budget.  If I went with the wallpaper above, two rolls would have put me over budget and maybe have covered 3/4 of a wall…yep, it is that pricey.  So, plan B.  Paint.  Nice cheap paint.  😉  In all seriousness, if you are on a tight budget and want to change up a room, paint is the way to go.  It can totally change the look, feel, and style of a space.  I sampled two paint colors that were totally out of the box for me…not to mention complete opposites.

So, here we have Clinton Brown and Linen White, both by Benjamin Moore.  See, I told you…opposite ends of the spectrum.  I was always leaning more towards the white side of things and when I tested these on the wall, that fact was only confirmed.  While Clinton Brown was a gorgeous color, it was da-ark.  Like my mom said…it would be like sleeping inside a Hershey’s kiss…which would be interesting especially if you like chocolate, but what I was more afraid of was turning my bedroom into a dark cave.  Those that know me well, know that I’m like a bear…I can sleep.  Hibernation…I’m all for it.  If I had painted that color on our bedroom walls, it would take A LOT of coffee to pull me from my slumber.  So, Linen White it is for this bedroom.

You might be thinking…how boring, white walls?  But, I encourage you to give white walls a second look…they really can be striking.



DIY Dining Room makeover

via Perfectly Imperfect

via The Polished Pebble

One would think that when you prepare a room for paint, you would move the furniture, place the drop cloths, don your painting clothes…wait does that phrase only work for donning gloves??? Not a clue, but the point is, I bought the paint and literally jumped right in moving furniture as I needed to.



And this would explain why our room looks like this.


It probably would have been easier for me to take a weekend and move everything to the center of the room and paint, but I’m a mom, remember?  I am continuously multi-tasking.  Paint, tend to kids, make order dinner, paint, bathe and put kids to bed, paint.  Here is a liI timesaver for you though.  I did read somewhere on pinterest to place a garbage bag around your rolling pan for easy clean up and I am here to tell you…it was a terrible idea.IMG_5156w

If you gain anything from this post, please let it be just to buy the plastic cheap rolling pans and then pitch them if you don’t want to clean them because this bag shimmied everywhere, paint stuck to all parts of that bag, not my roller brush and I felt like I wasted so much paint.  Two big paint covered thumbs down. (I did have it tied around the tray…I was in the process of removing it when I snapped the pic).

Here is what the room looks like now.  One can of paint got me this far so we are going to live for the next couple days with a room that is half painted.  Good thing my husband loves me…;)  On a more positive note, I thought I would share some high and not so high moments on this master bedroom makeover.

High five moments in the past week for this room:  

There were several.  Goodwill and thrift stores…you have treated me so well!

Score #1  Brass lamp $3


I have loved this table lamp forever…haven’t loved the price tag

Riveted Metal Table Lamp


so I am going to use this lamp as inspiration and try to trade the brassy shiny finish for a duller one with some Rub n Buff.  I’ll let you know how it works.

Score #2  Masculine fabric $0.50.  Ummm, ya, 2 yards was 50 cents…


IMG_5247wI love using fabric to cover mattes in picture frames and since I am planning a gallery wall, I knew this would come in handy.  And get this, the next day, I saw this at Target.


Super cute and manly all at the same time.  May have to do something similar with my new el cheapo fabric.

Score #3 and I’m totally saving the best for last.  I am swooning over this chandelier.  $10.  Excuse me while I scream in excitement.



I had been looking online at different “eclectic” chandeliers the night before and everything I liked for the room was expensive.  Here are a few that I had marked. (click on the image for link)

Jonathan Adler Updated Bamboo Rod Chandelier (3 finishes!)


This one I thought perhaps I could DIY.


So, I am really really ecstatic about this find.

Low moments that I encountered this past week for this room

I’m when I say low, I mean low low to the flo...or floor.  Our carpet has seen better days.  It’s an off-white/cream.  It’s 7.5 years old.  We have two rather large dogs who sleep on this floor every.single.night.  Do I need to say more?  We’ve done our best to keep it in tip top shape with regular cleanings, but at some point you’ve just gotta throw in the towel.  I think it’s that time.  So, my $400 budget might be blown if we have to add carpet.  I have gone back and forth with this.  It looks decent enough…I’ve seen worse.  Is it a necessity?  No.  However, in the past year, we have discussed pulling the carpets up in all the upstairs bedrooms and either replacing them or putting in hardwoods.  I guess you can say we were somewhat preparing for this.  On one hand, I’m a control freak who wants to come in under budget and on the other I’m a clean freak who doesn’t like thinking about all the dirt and grime a 7.5 year old carpet can hold.  What to do, what to do?  What would you guys do?


A Room Makeover in Real Time

You all know I love a good before and after.  No matter what the subject, there is nothing like seeing a transformation take place.  I typically really like the surprise makeovers where you see a before and then are blindsided with the after.  You know the ones where it doesn’t even look like the same room, piece of furniture or person and forces you to really inspect.  However, the downside to this type of makeover is that it can sometimes seem effortless…like it was easy and happened overnight.  What about all the nitty gritty details?  What about all the oops moments, or the “Houston, we have a problem” surprises that accompany any project or change?  I think it’s sometimes nice to have the behind the scene look at the whole process.

So why are we talking about this?  Well, our master bedroom is in need of some fixing up and I thought it might be fun to take you through the makeover process in real time.  It could be two weeks <very unlikely> or it could be two years <let’s hope not>.

And as in any makeover, it always starts with the before pictures.  Not pin-worthy by any stretch of the imagination.  And just so you are aware, this room, in all of the 7 years we’ve been here, has never officially been completed.  It’s always been last on our list…poor guy at the bottom of the totem pole, which is really terrible since your bedroom is supposed to be your haven.  Ours, clearly, does not fit this description.

I do need to tell you that some items in these pictures are part of the transformation.  The duvet cover is new and kind of the inspiration for the room.  It is Lauren Ralph Lauren’s Northern Cape Bedding.  I found it at Marshall’s for less than $150.  Pretty good considering the one at Bloomingdale’s is $495 for a king.  I also moved this desk into the room when I knew I was going to give this room an overhaul.  And did you see that little leather ottoman…I found that at a flea market for $15.

It is staying.  I love the warmth of the leather and how sturdy it is (the boys actually love jumping from it showing off their super cool ninja moves and kicks).  But, the best part about this lil guy is the memories he stirs up for me.  He reminds me these little leather seats that were at my childhood local library.  There were orange ones and green ones all over the children’s section just waiting for a child with a book.  The library was always one of my favorite places to visit and I loved when my mom would take me there.  When I saw this ottoman it brought back so many memories.  I  remembered the heaviness of the front doors, the scent that hit you when you walked through them, and the feeling of pure joy as I would run back to “my section” to search for some great reads.  You can see why I had to have this ottoman and I about freaked out when I saw the price tag.  You see, it’s the little things like this that make a room for me.  To anyone else, it might just be a used ottoman, but to me it is so much more.  Not to get all sentimental about an ottoman on ya, but sometimes it’s not about what would coordinate perfectly with the room or the hottest items on the shelves…it’s about the stories behind the pieces.

So, there you have it…the start of our makeover.  We are $165 in and I’m hoping we can keep it below $400 for everything.  It’s going to be hard when I have had my eyes on this wallpaper in white for months now…it is absolutely positively out of the question, but a girl can dream, right?