About me

  1.  I love the exclamation mark…don’t know why, but I feel the need to use it all the time and I am talking ALL the time!  I have to really concentrate and force myself to use periods.  See like that.  However, I have no problem using them in the etc way…I do that a lot, too.  See…
  2. I thoroughly enjoy helping others.  I always think it is better to give than to receive.  I am a nurturer at heart and think it is one of the easiest things we can do.  On the same note, I have a hard time speaking up when I need something or asking others for help.
  3. When I was younger, I loved to bake, craft, and sometimes sew…somewhere along the way I forgot that.  Luckily, I have remembered that small detail and I feel totally refreshed.  There really is something about being creative and expressing yourself through your projects.  I wake up in the morning excited about the “to dos” ahead of me and it such a great feeling to see that finished idea come to fruition.
  4. I love being a mom…Henry & Oliver bring me so much joy, laughter and so many special moments.  There are times when we are doing something as simple as sitting on the floor playing peek-a-boo and I will close my eyes and try to capture that moment in my brain so I can remember it forever.  The big toothy grin on Oliver’s face, the way his cheeks are pulled back because he is laughing so hard, the way he looks at me without a care in the world, his sweet belly laugh that and the squeal that follows, and the warm feel of his pudgy little fingers when he touches my face…oh it is truly the best gift in the world.  Henry is absolutely a comedian, but has no idea.  He is hilarious with the things he says and he is just learning so much everyday.  It amazes me to watch him.  I want to remember all his funny sayings, the way he struggles to make a decision between toys when I allow him to pick out ONE toy at the store, his sweet high pitched voice and the way he comes running out of his room in the morning with all his blankie boys so excited to start his day.
  5. There are 3 things that I cannot have in my house…oreo’s, brown sugar pop tarts, & girl scout samoas.  If they are here, I WILL eat them all and I CANNOT stop myself.  So, I never buy them unless I am having one of those days…
  6. I rarely make my bed…gasp!!!….I KNOW I CANNOT be the only one!
  7. I love to sleep…I love naps.  My idea of a perfect nap would be falling asleep to a golf tourney on tv.  I would really love to take a nap everyday….but since I have remembered how much I love to craft, I am usually down in my studio when the nap opportunity arises and will happily forgo it.  Well, sometimes…
  8. I have the BEST husband in the world.  He is the love of my life, my best friend, my partner in crime and we make a great team.  He also has a wonderful, but annoying ability to make me laugh when I want to be mad at him…
  9. I have two big dogs that are just about the sweetest dogs ever.  Cooper, aka Mr Lickems, is a 95 lb. golden retriever, who is a big ole baby and loves to just be next to me or anyone for that matter.  I wouldn’t say he was lazy, but he is definitely more content sitting in the yard watching the birds than running around chasing stuff.  Ombre on the other hand could play fetch all day.  I literally have to make him stop.  He is a lover, too, but not like Coop.  They let Henry & Oliver climb all over them, ride them like horses and the other thing I LOVE about my babies is that they don’t BARK at random stuff!  I am so happy to say this and I don’t know how in the world I have gotten so lucky, but I have never owned a dog that barks at people or cars.  Wow!
  10. I am a homebody at heart…I sometimes have to force myself out and I am always happy that I did.
  11.  Ok, prepare yourselves for this one!  Just a warning… I think it is funny when people say a sentence where they say dutyI know it’s immature, but it’s funny people.  I always have to bite the inside of my cheek when I hear it because most of the time I am around people (and when I say people, I pretty much mean any adult) who may be a bit horrified at my immaturity.
  12. I am not a fan of squirrels.  I think it was from watching all those america’s funniest home videos where the squirrel somehow manages to get in the house and jumps on everyone’s shoulders.
  13. I am a very determined person.  I usually will jump into something before I fully realize what I am getting myself into.  Example, I cross stitched a tiny pattern when I was young and after I had Henry, I felt this urge to create something handmade for him to have throughout the years.  Sooooo…about a month before Christmas I bought 3 intricate cross stitched stocking kits from here, and I seriously thought I would finish all 3 before Christmas.  After about 12 hours of cross stitching, I had about a 3 inch square done and reality set in.  So, Henry finally had his stocking at his 2nd Christmas and poor Oliver…I am hoping to have his done by his 2nd Christmas!  I haven’t even started on it…eeek!!!!
  14.  I tend to talk in different voices.  This sounds weird, I know, but my whole family does it.  Have you seen that SNL skit where the family talks in funny voices…that is my family!!!  I don’t know when it started or who it was that started it, but I am sure it is quite humorous when people who don’t know us are around.  It is especially funny because it has rubbed off on my husband and my brother in law…David, you know you do it!  Now that I am thinking about it, it probably started with my dad, because of the next reason.
  15.  Most girls had nicknames like angel, princess, sweetie pie growing up.  Not me.  Not my sister.  Not my brother.  My dad nicknamed us the stinky winky sisters.  My sister was stinky winky #1 and I was stinky winky #2.  My brother scored the name bb brain.  And no, my sister and I did not stink, it was just what my dad called us.  He would and still does make up songs about us using those names and sings them around the house.  I have also inherited other nicknames, though, too…butthead (also a nickname for my dad), dale (as in the silly chipmunk) and I am sure many others if you wanted to ask my mom.
  16. I used to be a roller skater…figure, artistic and speed skating baby!  My mom made all of my costumes!  She managed to pass down some of her creativity to me…her costumes were so intricate and AMAZING!  I will post some pictures for all you sometime.
  17. I loved being pregnant and totally didn’t mind people touching my belly…I just thought it was so neat that Henry & Oliver were attracting that much love from people that didn’t even know them yet!
  18. You’ll find out even more about me and my quirkiness if you keep reading my blog!  Can’t tell you all my secrets!!!

16 thoughts on “About me

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  2. just one more thing…..i love napping to golf, too! though the strange looking skinny guy w/ the long hair on pbs that teaches people how to paint brings me to an immediate napping state.

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    • Thank you Susan! You will have to share your finished piece with me! I would love to see it! It’s so easy…I promise there’s no luck needed! 😉

      • My sister loves the aged/distressed look and paper. She is expecting their first this spring. When I saw your wedding song piece on Centsational Girl, it took me about two seconds to decide to make one for their little-girl-to-be using a score for a lullaby. Thanks for the great idea and tutorial!

      • Oh, I am so glad Heather! What a special gift! Please send me a pic of it when you finish! I would love to see how it turns out! I’m sure it is going to be adorable & I know they will both love it! 😉

  4. Found your blog via a pin of your wedding song art project. After parusing a bit I found your pretty distressed table. I really want to do a similar project with our table–we are poor newlyweds who were lucky enough to get a hand-me-down table from my aunt. It looks so much like your old one. I’ve been trying to find a way to paint it our restore it, and couldn’t find anything the hubs approved of til now. You have a lovely family! I too am a homebody, am just getting into crafting to decorate our little apartment and…get this…laugh at do do too. Whenever my husband or I says it the other will giggle, “You said do-do!” haha excited to continue being inspired by all your prettiness.

    • Thanks, Chelsea! I’m so glad that you finally found something that the hubs is cool with! (believe me, I understand!!!). Sam sometimes needs some convincing with some of my ideas! If you make over your table, please share! I do love me some good before & afters! Have you looked at Annie Sloans chalk paint before?

  5. Just came across your site & I am in love (and slightly nauseated with jealously) over your ideas! I am going to start embarking on the wedding song idea, as well as the picture idea for the nursery. I have a 10 mo. old & much like you…eek, I “failed” in decorating every inch of his room before he arrived! So I praying for either longer nap times to accomplish these and/or a break in the space/time continuum.

    Anyway, the most random thing that stuck out to me about your blog, is that I too was a roller skater…drum roll…13 years competitively. I did figures & dance and my loving mother also designed & sewed all of my costumes (we’re talkin’ sequins, sparkles, beads, pearls…the works)! The last time I told someone that I did roller skating competitively, they looked at me as if I was coming up with some strange fact about myself and asked…” Let me guess, you’re a cage fighter too?”. Hmm, apparently, competitive roller skating is a bit obscure? Therefore, it’s funny to find someone else who dabbled in the rolling arts ;).

    Great, great postings! So glad I stumbled upon your site!

    • Oh Kaz, you sound like a girl after my own heart! I, too, completely know the look you get from someone after you tell them that no, I didn’t play soccer or do gymnastics growing up…I roller skated. People will always say, oh I wish I knew how to ice skate and I have to explain that I did the roller type…you know the skates that hold 4 wheels and had a huge rubber stopper on the front. Usually they were a nice taupe or white color. Hilarious! And the costumes…I think that was the best part was getting to wear the fabulous get ups! My sister had one where it looked like flames coming off her dress. We still laugh SO HARD when we talk about it. I’m so glad that found me, too! And “longer naps” are constantly on my prayer list! 😉 Oh what I could get done if I just had another 30 minutes!!!

  6. Have you completed your Swedish mailbox project? I also have one and am anxious to see what magic you worked on yours. Thanks!

    • I did, Nancy! I’m really happy with the way it turned out, too! I will post a pic soon! Thanks for reminding me! Is yours in pretty good shape? I hand to paint in my letters with acrylic paint. I’m actually going to hang mine in my garage entryway instead of outside…I hope it turns out like I picture it!

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